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April 23, 2015 – Red Elk Shares

At the moment I am in rough shape. Know this though, I am improving guaranteed. I am doing exactly what I tell others to do. Telling myself I am healed, I healed, I am healed. Note: I say “I am healed” not I will be. And it is starting to become truth in my thoughts. Just last week, a dear friend of ours was rushed to the hospital. She did not know it, but she was right at deaths door. I took time off from me and switched my prayers to her. She went home the very next day.  They are watching her carefully, but was surprised she was able to get out of bed let alone go home. I believe totally that she would get over the problem. It was close, believe me. So when I say believe, I mean it totally. Tonight, I am going into her husbands things that run into the heart. He has a problem now. I will see what I can do or advice. Whatever, he should be ok soon too. Remember, believe, believe, believe. Any connotation of doubt negates the healing, etc. Good luck and pray to God Bless.

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I’m certainly not dead. I am trying to earn money to pay for my medical bills and medicines. One of which is making talking sticks/dancing sticks and walking staffs. These are all of diamond willow from way up in the Yukon. They are absolutely beautiful in color and I’ve already got 5 orders. But each order takes me a week or better to do in my shape. Anyway, I want to thank the people that donate financial money for me. I use that money for medicines and the tools that I need for these sticks. I’m not writing this for donations, I’m writing this to let you know that I’m still alive and kicking and praying for people and doing work that I can do within the medicine way. I want to thank you all who are sticking with me and may God creator bless you.

PS: I’m still having trouble with this dang computer. You people take care and if you have a need let me know. Do not expect a letter in return, it’s almost impossible for me to type or write. You can leave a message on the blog and Heather will tell me.

In this I close and again I thank all. May God bless each one of you.

Red Elk

Happy Birthday Red Elk!

Red Elk turns 72 years old! And says he feels every minute of it!

Blue Otter is going to reschedule the live interview with Red Elk for June 20, 2014…Friday, 5:00 p.m., join in for a “fireside” chat. You can LISTEN HERE then or find other programs you will enjoy.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends,
You’ll know Dr.’s interview with me is audible and runs a number of hours. Another one will be coming shortly covering almost all of what she does BUT two things are added that I’ve never shared except personally with others. This is: #1 How to bring a person who is very close to dying, hours or days short of being dead, returning them back to health and wanting to live. #2 How to take one who is dead, has not been bled out and is not in terrific physical condition back to living again. This is NOT, I repeat NOT calling up the dead….which is a No No!

What people do not understand is that each of us choose to die. Some do die, but they are not in bad physical shape (like ran over by a train, etc.). We have 3 days to talk to that dead person’s spirit and soul. 3 days and once you talk them to returning to breathing again. The next set of audibles that will be coming on the blog, tell of this, the Why of this, and the How of this.

I myself have no proof that I am to die 3 more times. All I can do is wait and see. Test Test Test. But, I do not want to find out that when I pass away I won’t be back. I have too much yet to share with the world, including these last two lessons.

There are still much I won’t share. I tell you true, if there is something you must know or need to know, go to your knees, ask the creator and expect an answer. Test that answer at least 3 times. If it seems to waiver, or stop, it is not of our God. It is of the deceiver lucifer. I will go on teaching as much as I can, as I can. I’m tired, I’m very weak, I’m sore, I shake, but I will continue for the sake of my brothers and sisters of Earth.

As usual, I wish you well, I thank you for your prayers and for the donations that have been given.

God Bless,


Prep or Not?

To can 'prep' till your eyeballs float.....yet old age ruins all this. If you
do so knowing there's a good chance all the work and expense will not be for
you. Age stops most / all ? of it. I've 'preped long before that word became
fashionable.  My knowledge of the medicine ways forces this to be-in a sense-it's my
Spiritual calling that will survive.  Are YOU ready in THAT way? I sure hope so...I
sure PRAY so.   


Bottled Water


God Bless and 



I’ll be 71  soon.  I’m in poor physical shape.  Are there any here wanting to find out what wilderness living is REALLY like?  Age not a big issue…but physically demanding.  I’m in need of a ‘care taker’….in a big way. I want to live as I’ve always wanted to..and occasionally have…when YOUNGER.
I expect to be around awhile, and am tired of living the modern way my wife insists on. I don’t want to do it and she doesn’t want my way. She says I CAN’T….I say BUFFALO CHIPS.
I need help…or she wins.
The person(s) need to be drug free….physically able to cut / lug wood…tent live….lots of wilderness ‘survival’, for self…and myself.  Must NOT be a law-breaker,  GodCreator minded….and self sustaining (SS?).  If your there and interested….lets talk.  I WARN YOU…it will be a tiring life.   E Heather with  your phone number and she’ll send it on (leave a comment that she will moderate and will not post).  Man/wife OK.  

Plant Books

To the one looking for books of Native American Medicine plants books: I’d suggest starting only plants / etc. of the area you live in.  Then go out and find these…then use them.  ALL OF YOUR AREA First.
Be careful of WHEN TO PICK as well.  Many make the mistake of thinking said plants are useful at ALL times.  This is NOT true….so: KNOW WHEN TO PICK. Aho?   And do NOT think “Medicine” alone…but also as FOOD.  Aho?  Good luck.   re


Several telling me to go to ‘Mary Jane’.  “LEGAL THERE”.
Can they see Big Brother “floating around”…doing God Work?
If one thinks DRUGS help…yes…but SO DOES HE and WITHOUT DRUGS!
“Double Agents”…and to me ;  WORTHLESS IN GODS  MAIN CAMP!
Won’t put them in hell…..but SURE STUNTS THEIR GOD GROWTH!
Jesus had it made…3 1/2 years and OUT!  SIGH.
And I want to STAY?  Just ASKING for PUNISHMENT.  Sigh.
Dd I sound like a FOLLOWER?  NO – ONE  See; I told you “I’m NOT CHRIST”…..NOW do you believe it?  Sigh.  
Giving tiny kids CONDOMS  10 – 12 year olds.
Booze at graduation parties.
AND on AND on…
“IT’S OK”!
…..”ITS OK”
Listen, it may be YOUR Path….and you’ve a right to it….but it SURE ISN’T MINE!
OK by MAN, but YOU will be facing HIM.  Tell HIM THAT!  You’re going to Have To!

Sandy Lessons

In the last few months, “L” has started a new maneuver with ANY he deems a danger to  his Overthrow God attempt (on its way).
YOU may have fallen for it or know others doing so.
He is “whittling” at the God Core within us.
Loss of finances the most evident.  Creating fear.  “Well  lose r HOUSE / CAR /  Etc.  Etc..
“Sandy yet another.  NO ELECTRICITY.  NO GAS.    again, fear.
I’ve Es n calls…from a few contemplating Suicide.  Singles and couples.  Just “too much”.
Am witnessing too MENTAL INSTABILITY.  “They” have taken……(loved ones / etc.).  This caused more in New Age thinkers then any others.
My own blog very much under attack.
“TO DANGEROUS TO ALLOW TO CONTINUE”.  Even my marriage attacked.
$$?  HA!  yes.   ANYTHING TO KEEP ME ON LOOKING down, not UP!
“If i cant BEAT UM…then I’ll SLOW THEM”.
ie: Whittling.
How many can STAND,,,,when all is “lost”?
How are YOU “doing”, RIGHT NOW?!!”
Hundreds E-ing “I stand”….till the crap hits them TODAY.  Then like Yo Yos.
Well, I tell you true:  “Down” is a TEST!
Those who CAN look Up WILL BE THE FUTURE.
Those who collapse, the KILLERS, or the DEAD (as you
understand “death”).
or ignore.