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Talk To Nature

I wish we could meet face to face.  I’d teach you to talk WITH nature.  Thing is, you DO…or rather “they” TRY to (to you).  Try with EVERYONE…but man thinks its his / hers OWN thoughts. Thus man misses out on some FASCINATING things.

The conversations I’ve had…that PROVED them to be TRUE…would blow you away! The last TREE Talk was at Lions Rock…ACRES and ACRES of trees saying “WE WILL BURN”….and, low, all now burned to death in our last big fire.  Yet thin Stretches saying “WE WILL NOT BURN”…and fire went AROUND – PAST THEM!

Want proof?  ADAM WAS WITH ME and AS THEY TOLD, I told HIM!  He can back me. Other (FUTURE) things were told then (by them) too. MASS “RUNNING” via a near IMPOSSIBLE Mountain Pass, by LINES of PEOPLE.  Trying to get into Canada by this UNKNOWN Route. Dead and Dieing (Old / Weak) lining its STEEP path.  People put into a “CEMETERY” area…MILES and MILES BEFORE the pass!  Died while trying to get TO the path. Flee-ers walking from the coast. Exhausted to DEATH, BEFORE the still miles away Mountain Pass.

People from as far away as OREGON…let alone the Seattle area.

TREES KNOW.  Willing to SHARE, but man has forgotten how to HEAR.

Animals have TRIED to converse to man…but have had to give up…so instead the go to BODY LANGUAGE…which man can UNDERSTAND (the Basics of) still. VERY BASIC. In THAT man THINKS they are so smart.  No, but at least they still have that.

Nature conversation is nearly a lost art.

OUR horse gal (across the street here) has me come to talk to her horses. REFUSES TO LEARN herself (“NOT of GOD”) yet calls OFTEN. The last just last weak. A lame horse.  BADLY Swollen hoof / leg. TERRIBLE CONDITION.

When I asked what happened, she (horse ) told me “I stepped on a nail”. Not knowing the WORD “Nail”, she PICTURED it.  A rusty bent nail that punctured the base of her hoof…then came out. BLOOD POISON GOING UP HER LEG…QUICKLY!
I told the gal, “get help QUICKLY, she needs both a Penicillin shot AND a Tetanus shot (explaining).

She called, afraid (later that day) to have me come help her CALM the horse during one shot. Afraid the horse would hurt her, I did. As YOU’D like to know “whats about to occur”, so too do animals. As I was explaining to the horse, the gal, needle in hand, STRONGLY Told me to “SHUT UP”!

I “blew” Up! “WHAT!”? You call me to HELP then tell ME to SHUT UP and NOT do the Job!?

I might as well LEAVE and go into my WARM HOUSE and leave YOU with HER…TO BE KICKED and REAR UP ON!  ALONE!

Well, the gal calmed down, contrite. I then told the horse her / we were trying to help her…but that IT WOULD HURT, for a few moments.  Explained the shot. Had the gal show her the LONG needle and then touch the area the needle would go in.

I told the horse to “PLEASE BE CALM…DON’T KICK or REAR UP. It NEEDS to be done…to HELP YOU!”

I then told the gal, “Massage the area”…she did. Then to the horse, “On THREE hon…One / Two / THREE!”

The gal, so AFRAID just  COULDN’T! “DAMMIT SHARON, She was READY! She was PREPARED….now DO IT!”

(To the horse) I apologized and said “Again”…One…Two…THREE…

This time Sharon slammed the needle deep and straight down into the muscle. THE HORSE ONLY QUIVERED but stayed still.

“Thanks hon, it’s over.” (to the horse).

Sharon told me the vet would give the other shot the next day and “pull out the nail”. I told her, “its not THERE, it came out.  He wont find it!”

Yesterday he came.  Found her hoof “palm” had a busted open abscess. “COULD have been caused by a nail, If so, its no longer in here.”

I will take my metal detector over tomorrow and go over the pen and clear it of nails (less then a Month ago she had a roof section replaced…causing lost nails). Told her too:  Sharon, I don’t EVER want you to interfere with me as I’m working Again! Call and I’ll come…but if so, Y O U…”SHUT UP!”

(I do this for her “in trade”. No money).

Yes you CAN talk WITH “nature”!

So, that’s what man is MISSING. Simply by NOT HEARING what CAN be HEARD. The teaching TOO DANGEROUS to Write or Tape out to sell / give. NEEDING A “DESIGNATED DRIVER” to make it SAFE…so only can / WILL be done on a “Face-To-Face” way.



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Had enough money to buy a number of feet of Soft Denim (blue jean color) cloth.  Cheap shop.  $4.08.  Enough to make 3 to 4 nice LOIN CLOTHS.  I’ll have my wife cut and hem them for me. An easy “do” for her.
As you can tell, I “practice what I Preach”.
I’ll be wearing these at our secluded property so no one is “disturbed”.  Aho?
I’ll have her sew on 2 or so  LOOPS on the front.  Knife / Flint / Etc. to be with  me at all times then.  My CHIEF A.J. Slingshot to hang on the “belt” if wanted, as well as small  sock with Marble “shot”.
ARE YOU intrusted in “ditto”? 
Before closing: I’ve been Posting on GHOST’S  HUB….Google by Typing in: Survival Cabin on a Shoestring Budget.  This will get you there.

                                                                                                                                                                                                            GB   re

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First Jogger Trial

Got it fully packed and headed for a One (+) mile.
Dirt and Gravel….WOODS and Hills…Slopes and UPs UPs UPS…then DOWN DOWN DOWN!
IT did great…I though, another matter. ( :
Took it to friends off in the boonies.
Three Rest Stops UP…One DOWN.
Learned quite a bit too.

Wearing Water Socks and TOTALLY worn out. Slicker than “S….”.
Now SUPER THIN. Like wearing Snow Skis when going down. “Spin Out” going UP!
Yup…need light weight Lugged Footwear when using THIS!

#2: Forgot that bottles of Pop “Fizzle” with the jogger’s “rock-n-roll”.
(Gotta remember that!).

#3: Front brake caliper needs adjustment.

#4: Would be wise to buy/take extra Brake Pads.

#5: A slight “zig zag” going, helpful…Up OR Down.

#6: I’m REALLY Out Of Shape!

(3 rest breaks UP…one DOWN).

# 7: Handlebar height JUST RIGHT for my 5 ft. 5 1/2 inch “frame.”

#8: It WORKS….and LIKE A CHARM!!!

# 9: Despite the high(ish) loading….No problem Tipping…even on some “bad” roadside slopes.

#10: OTHERS are SO IMPRESSED…THEY want to “try it”.
(Great news for ME) ( :

#11: STEALTHY! (“I didn’t hear you DRIVE up!”) ( :

#12: CAN BE MADE LIGHTER (gear).

#13: A “Swivel Wheel” front wheel NOT NEEDED. EASY enough to maneuver in ANY terrain. SWIVEL would be more a HINDERENCE then a help…UNLESS ON GOOD ROADs ONLY.

#14: A “Double” is WIDE…stopping serious camping in Off-Road use.
Now to a Camp-Out trial on our property. This after I better consider my “tent”.

I have my big Wiggy’s Sleeping bag on this…will go to its inner lining only (‘til it starts to get too cold).

I will also go to a smaller Back Pack.
These alone will save Weight and Space.

But folks, it rolls like a CHARM…it WORKS as HOPED. PTL!


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Safe Land Experience

Well, went to our Safe Land / Dome. Shared expenses with Adam.
I wanted and DIDN’T want to go. Seemed OK but somehow not quite right.

Warned Adam about HUGE amount of deer and to go slow. He dropped to 39 mph. Slow to him but 30 would have been better. Hit a big doe. His Pick Up fixable. Deer limped off to die (broken leg dangling). Sigh.

His trailer brakes acted up…he adjusted them OK though…My neck “went out” during the night and HIS tailbone…Ate chili with what I’m allergic to, right lip and hand still swollen…couldn’t locate my allergy pills (forgot to add to my small “Walk-Away” kit)…So weak I fell 3 times and then ALMOST twice into the camp-fire…Adam stopped a fourth fall while I was water dowsing for a friend.
And I’m gonna RUN!????

Adam feels the same way about himself…

Shoot, I couldn’t even run to take a Pee! Yup, WET MY PANTS before I could stand from a sit-down position.! EVERY DROP!

Nothing I could do about it…no spare clothing…


I slid to the bottom of my sleeping bag and rolled off its side onto Adam.

“WHY?” asked a sleepy Adam.

Well Adam, you took the only FLAT spot! (True, too).

First night I layed on a good size stone. Adam said “I cleared the area…there’s no stones”.

He was right…it was a petrified pine cone.

Must of been 400 ft round! Damn…

After hiring a Back Ho and a Crane it was finally dug out and removed. By then I was dead tired and placed my bag over the hole. Immediately folded and slipped into a fetal position. Slept like a baby….till I had to pee again.

Was like climbing out of a GRAVE!

Did “my thing” and headed back. The bag was GONE! Deep below all the dirt that caved in on my climb up.

Laid on top…till the red ants found me. Then crawled over to the big pine-cone. Slept there…bent kinda funny. (Sleep on my back).

Yup, we was CAMPING…and Having FUN!

The dome now needs some major repair. Can Do though. IF I can stay on a ladder and IF I can LIFT a ladder!

Well, despite all Adam and I met and shared with a fellow “hillbilly”.

That alone was worth the WHOLE TRIP.

On the way home (a day earlier than intended) Adam top off his fuel tank. “We’ll make it to AM/PM in Thorp on this, and fill up there”.

I told him he should stop before and get 5 more gallons first.

“Nope, well make it”.

Pride goes before a fall.

Three towns from his targeted station we ran outta gas. LESS THEN A FOURTH OF A MILE FROM A STATION!

He had a gas can, full, so pulled that out. Then I heard some mumbling. Then some more searching. He came up with a gas transfer hand pup.

“I’m ALWAYS PREPARED!” he said.

“Wheres the nozzle to your can?”

Adam said, “I forgot it…”

Then the hand pump broke. Brand New too! But pumped enough to get us to the station. PTL!

Adam wants to learn, but not wanting to Hear. ALWAYS learns the Hard Way….and a deers life was a strong lesson to him (I HOPE).

So…we talked about a “Run Kit” for the elderly during this adventure: DUAL SURVIVAL FOR THE ELDERLY

A card with phone #s for UROLOGIST, SURGEON, 911, Lawyer, Next of kin, Boy Scouts of America, Heart Specialist, “Catheters R Us”, Cell Phone Service, etc., and A match. ( :


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Responsibilities You Take On

Responsibilities YOU TAKE ON

Sure am disgusted with Stupidity. People that pay No attention to warnings. Many here let their pets and livestock perish…BURN TO DEATH….DESPITE GIVEN SUFFICIENT TIME TO ‘Get Ready’ to RUN.
“Never Happen” thinking. Then, when it DID…all they could think of was their OWN ‘Skin’. In effect; MURDERING THEIR ANIMALS!

I’m willing to BET they will be the first-in-line to SUE, too!


It is THESE type who should be HEAVILY FINED…and NO “COMPENSATION” for their losses, at ALL!

Give them a Taste of THEIR Responsibilities!

WE were prepared…in ADVANCE. Whether the GO order was given or NOT.


The FIRST thing WE thought about was FOOD AND WATER for our dogs (to take With Us…”IF”). THEN OUR NEEDS.

Worked out fine.

Places set up for horses to people…and animals in between. TOLD ABOUT before the fire got to them.

Granted, a herd of cattle is hard to pre-save. A few, MAYBE (if you can catch them).

Still, many “CAN SAVE(d)” were NOT.

AND now its almost always SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT!

“WHY WEREN’T THERE MORE FIREMEN!” (well, most here are VOLUNTEERS. Are YOU a volunteer! Where were YOU!).

oh, you poor thing!!!


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WE here are safe…to the East of us is another matter…ROLLING Smoke…DARK smoke.  This about 12 to 14 miles to  our side.   Lots of fire rigs out…3 area stations and helicopter.  So FAR no homes burned(ing).
Fire Department thinks arson.
Meanwhile, I feel rather secure.  Time to grab PCs / Dogs / Sleeping Bags and GO!  Or NOT do so and GO with my “on my belt” WALK OFF KIT.  Enough that I can (with DAD and KNOWLEDGE) “make it” for three + dogs.
See how EASILY a “Go…NOW!” order can benefit you? IF YOUR WEARING THE BASIC NEEDS!  ????
Let people laugh…they will GO with ONLY WORRY AND FEAR!
DON’T let their laughter STOP you!  (Remember NOAH)!  

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Why am I sharing Run Kits?

OK, I’ve been sharing WEAR Run Kits.  WHY?
To SHOW others WHO ARE AS YET WELL ENTRENCHED in Connecting / Knowledge / Trusting.  MOST LACK THIS GREATLY.
To TELL, to SHOW…is to give each TIME ( I Hope) to do WITHOUT.  My “One more Day” thing.
Now , START LEARNING TO “GO” WithOUT ANY kit.!     That and That ALONE will see you through!      

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A Problem

I have a problem:  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH ALL THE “RUN GEAR” I’ve put together????? !
So MUCH there’s just NO WAY to take them all.
I’ve got to quit “nickel and diming” what little money I have…WHEN I have IT!
I’m “set for life”…only Really NEED One Run Kit.  And that for myself, alone.
Got several…all the way up to the FAMILY…Who I DOUBT WILL “run”.
Maybe Sky…MAYBE.  The others?  Hard to tell.
I gave Sky a BlastMatch tonight.  At least he’ll be able to start a fire, easily.
Both boys now “set” on that. And knives. About all they’ll need, to “go” rather easily.
Both too have decent “survival” skills.  Been teaching them most of their Walking life. Off and On…but consistently.
I’ve known since age 10 what lies ahead. That’s 60 years of preparing.
Our granddaughter shows no interest.  Ditto my wife and daughter.  To them, “no tomorrow”. 
Lets face it, ‘no tomorrow’ faces all of us….but still, I consider it just MIGHT be…for me / them.  Thus prepare as physically as I can.
With ‘connection’ being first and foremost. 
I guess I’ve done all I can, now.  You? 

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Making a Pants Pack

The Making of a PANTS PACK

Using a pair of your own Jeans / Etc., this not only loads what one needs but also allows you to have a spare set pants.
Tradable with what you are wearing.
Using Paracord or strong line rope you tie off the cuffs.  huting then to hold your supplies.
The waist is TOO held closed by yet more cordage….through the belt loops.  This cordage can be doubled or tripled in length…giving a long line for ???
Heavy objects are placed at / towards the bottom legs.
The waist “fanny” section holds your sleeping bag or blankets.
The SHOULDERS hold SOFT wear….Sock / Underwear / T shirts / Etc.  This helps stop chaffing at the shoulders as well as making the pack more comfortable to carry.
If the fanny section wont easily carry your sleeping bag, tie the bag from the pants belt loops and let hang outside the waist.
This too to carry a tarp cover Lean To “tent”.
Wrap this tarp around your bag to weather protect the bag.
Pack the legs / etc. with the rest of your gear needs.
I like to use cordage, leg to leg, across the Stern.  “Locking” the pack on.
This keeps leg Slip Offs from occurring.  Especially when traversing SIDEWAYS across steep slopes.
This pack is SELF CENTERING.  The legs dangling straight down, though you may be closer to an different angle of walk.
I keep “immediate need” gear in the pockets. First aid / quick nourishment / fire kit / etc.
Make SURE the pockets are “folded” to to not lose objects with-in.
The belt loops can be utilized to tie wet washrag / damp hand towel / etc., to dry as you go about.
If carrying a rifle, make SURE the pack has a “clearing” (of gear) at your shoulder to place the butt stock to fit against your shoulder.
Wear with fanny in back / legs in front.
That’s it!
I’ve used this to carry out CORDS of firewood during deep snow times…carrying cut deer sections, etc.
I Came up with this in the mid 1960s and still use this to today.

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Red Elk’s 2nd book: Lessons

“Lessons” is now available for sale for 35$ plus shipping. Please be aware that this book is not the lengthy book of Tellings as in “Short Stories” for the same price. This book is approximately 45 pages of Red Elk’s wisdom on “How To”. Red Elk teaches lessons on health, invisibility, levitation and teleportation and telepathy.

Red Elk had these out for sale in a printed pamphlet for 22$ per lesson.  We want to make sure you understand this is a shorter book, with actual “How to do” lessons.

Red Elk had decided to put this out, at the very reduced price, because time is too short to fiddle around. Red Elk requests

“That you do not complain about the shortness of this booklet, or the price, just be thankful it is no longer $22 per lesson as before. Now get out there and learn!”


Click Here to purchase Lessons.

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