Fawn Journey Hawk and I (Heather) met through Red Elk in 2003 when I went with him to her Medicine Woman Camp. Red Elk describes her as more powerful in the ways of Medicine than he is, and they relied on each other for different skill sets. Fawn doesn’t use computers or phones because she literally ruins them, and they don’t work around her. She has a niece Carly that she speaks with who sends me messages via email from her. This message just arrived:


The message from brother Red Elk:

He watches over his wife and family.

He asked me (Fawn Journey Hawk) to bridge the gap of ignorance around the contamination.

He says if people aren’t informed that the reality of the situation sinks in; the next generations will produce over 50% retardation and severe physical defects.
The contamination builds ever so slowly that it goes unnoticed like the frog in the pot that doesn’t realize it’s hotter.

My problem in delivery the message is the old tradition of “killing the messenger”. It seems to be the nature of this society to attack. Red Elk took it on, but in the end he became angry and discouraged. He did his darnedest to build that bridge but very few cared to cross it. Those he tried so hard to reach eventually sucked the joy out of his life.

To carry his message to those who don’t want to hear it makes me uneasy.


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3 Responses to “Fawn Journey Hawk Relays a Message From Red Elk”

  1. Whale Sister says:

    Those who don’t want to hear it are the ones who need it the most. Red Elk had the guts and faith to at least try. And to forgive those who didn’t want to hear it.

  2. sherry says:

    I did try to listen. I remember well printing out a 60 page interview with him I found online in 2002 … And reading it in the cold and dark when I was sleeping in my old Baja bug. I always wanted to meet him, but I guess it was not meant to be in this life. God rest your soul Red Elk. May everyone find your words and consider them.

  3. mark/ manyowls says:

    on predictions, and interference with weather. pollution in part,
    it melts glacial ice that is upsetting the senility of oceans
    affecting weather belts that drive ocean currents, its breaking down
    and some models point to a reboot,which is the premise of the movie,
    day after tomorrow. GB