Red Elk Needs Prayers

Red Elk called me tonight, and he can’t hold himself up on his feet when he does need to, and he can’t use his arms, there is no strength. He is falling over. He has been bored, and frustrated, alone most of the time because his wife works, and he is confined to a wheel chair. It is also starting to get very hot out there. I just talked to his wife Meachelle, and she is also very tired, and very hot. Please pray for the family and if you can visit please do so soon.


Thank you,



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3 Responses to “Red Elk Needs Prayers”

  1. Darnette Taylor says:

    I will pray for him

  2. jim moore says:

    Love, to you my friend!

  3. Mike Palm says:

    Hi Heather,

    Please contact MH askmh108-at-earthlink-dot-net or his wife Brenda countrybaskets-at-earthlink-dot-net regarding Red Elk’s health and what can be done to help restore him.

    Prayerfully & Faithfully,

    Mike Palm