How we communicate with you

I (Heather) just got off the phone with Red Elk and was responding to some of the comments on the blog for him. I read him your comments and then he responds.

Red Elk said his wife and daughter have been getting in worse shape than him trying to lift him around and always take care of him, so the donations he is receiving is great to help him with their medical costs. Thank you for that.

I wanted to share 2 of the responses he just made in some comment sections….they are standing alone out of context, but I think they are so interesting…he’s still got it.

Comment response #1: I am reading Red Elk your comment and he says the first thing you have to do is Praise God in All Things. And then this is not a joke, he’s dead serious, if you want to get well you start right there.

Comment response #2: I read this to Red Elk, and find it very poetic. Red Elk says you will be far better off not trying to conquer the insects, etc., but companionship with them. They will show you their beauty and their thoughts. They too are like you and I – i.e. people – the centipede people, grasshopper people, they think they are people and deal with them as if they really were, because they really are.




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2 Responses to “How we communicate with you”

  1. victor says:

    What i want to let you know is that my plant got lice and they indeed tell me more about what the plant needs. they told me that: “the sun and the water are mixed up, they (human’s) control jet they don’t have the courage nor the power of will to take it on to the humans that destroys humans.” they’ve come here to tell me that the reason for their mad anger is they can not survive. they promise me to bleed for what they could offer me: greatness and accompanyship. “we are so proud you letting me live. Centipides are underground they steal an eat others we (lice) come to destroy noone, because we live life to the fullest we give up hope and start to live to gether see what is has brought us. together with victor we start to move the human perception because i know he is right about anything he does, he just has to live with it that nobody sees him as an accomplice to take on the world to the next level. we breath the air as he was breathing on us, we find it special that he showed us that his breating was letting the plant breathe. Please, help him to undergo the transformation he want’s because he knows he is right about something. that would help him very much, sincere, the lice all gone.”

    Life is circling as a hovering rainbow, is showing all colors but jet is reciting, with the hit to the Brain we got while birthing, we try to reach it. To become what we are not, to try to Be, and thus abandon ourselves. We victimise ourselves if we abandon ourselves: and i want you to know that someone wanted to let me forget about the past and to continue in notion what i really am, so he was letting me trip over a really tiny pole, which i saw in the seconds before but i was yet ignoring. I thin(g/k) that counts for my opinions also, they need to be made real. now i’m learning to make a start fresh, with this reminder i got from this experience I want to treat myself as an equal among the men.

    I sayed sorry, towards that which i wasn’t acting enough upon, and for the reminder he gave me. But in the end i tripped myself. Red elk, I think you listen to the same creator as I.
    I hope you don’t get angry for the content of the text, because it is not fully what i want to write, but it is not containing any fantasy. my regards to you, victor

    Ps. And i am still writing this letter i want to send you.

  2. Living Documents says:

    Everything talks. Humans don’t listen. So go on hearing and accepting.