A Message From Red Elk about another Shaman Medicine Woman

I (Heather) just got off the phone with Red Elk. In 2003 Red Elk took me on an
adventure and I on it I met Fawn Journey Hawk. Red Elk has agreed to help
me assist in getting Fawn's message out. He also wanted me to tell you all
he is having computer problems again, and hoping someone will be arriving
in the near future who can help him get back on line.

A Personal Message From The Journeyhawk Medicine Camp,

Twenty-first century Medicine Workers will be facing many new challenges
with high levels of radioactive pollution and horrible mutated bacteria
and viruses, all creeping slowly into our lives. A serious upgrade of
traditional medicine ceremonies is in order.

As a High Medicine Shaman who works as a team with the Higher Powers of
Healing in the Spirit realm I was summoned by the Ancestors to do just
that. Almost nightly for four years in dreamtime I studied under their
direction to understand the powers of the future threats to humankind and
how to control them.

With radioactive fallout reaching the West Coast, via the jet stream and
ocean currents, added to the chem trails we can look forward to a massive
rise in thyroid cancer and deformed fetuses. These are the first signs of
the effects of accumulating radiation.

The media fails to inform us of the inescapable toxic soup spreading
across the planet from the nuclear disaster in Japan that continues to
contaminate. As a result most people are unaware of the poisons they are
encountering daily.

Independent research shows 90% of the nation’s nuclear power plants are
degrading and beginning to contaminate their area. These poisons, like
irradiated cesium and plutonium, are microscopic and can’t be detected by
the human senses, placing us in the same predicament as the frog in the
pot of water- unaware that he’s about to cook. The invisible poisons we
eat, drink and are surrounded by daily aren’t removed from the body
through the natural elimination process. They slowly accumulate until the
cells can no longer function properly and begin to break down, resulting
in cancer or other malfunctions.

Radioactive cesium has already been detected in mother’s milk in the Eugen
Oregon area. Badly deformed fetuses are being aborted in the first
trimester in S.W. Oregon. Thyroid disorders are
also beginning to surface. Doctors are treating the symptoms but fail to
seek the source of the disorders.

After four years of updated Medicine training a camp is being built to
deal with the future. We’re in the process of transforming an old shed
into a laboratory. Radiation and heavy metal poisoning is far too serious
for guesswork. High tech equipment has been donated that will allow us to
test for the level of contamination in the body before and after the
Transference Ceremony to be certain the expected results have been

Physics majors, Carly and Dave, have taken a break from college to join me
and help me understand the devices and how to use them.

We’re constructing a Camp Kitchen and a large gathering/ceremonial lodge
from the local timber. We’re off the grid, in semi-primitive conditions
with fresh spring water. We have a Medicine
Tipi and on the mountainside we have a questing shelter facing east that
overlooks the valley. What we don’t have are extra hands to build the
ceremonial lodges.

There is never a charge for my Medicine Work but we sure could use help
putting the sanctuary together along with a large dose of enthusiasm.

I would like to add that while I was in hospice care because of heart
failure, I had given up on being part of a Medicine Camp. It was the
Ancestors that placed me on the Medicine Path once again. I’ll continue to
serve the Medicine as long as I’m on the earth walk.

Our camp is open to all who come with respect and a good heart. A healing
can take one to four days, depending on the nature of your disorder.
We have camping sites for tents, tipis or trailers, and fresh water should
you wish to join us for a time.
Warms Regards,

Fawn & Carly Journeyhawk


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10 Responses to “A Message From Red Elk about another Shaman Medicine Woman”

  1. Whale Sister says:

    How is the email link supposed to work? When I click on it, it asks me for a Webmail ID & password, which I don’t have.

  2. Living Documents says:

    You can’t click on it as a link, sorry I didn’t set it up correctly. Just highlight it and copy it into your composed email message and it will get to her. I ran a test and it worked!

  3. Whale Sister says:

    I did that, and it appears to have been sent, but have no idea if it was even received. :/

  4. Living Documents says:

    Carly will respond. She just needs to do a lot to get internet service and respond. It isn’t an instant world there, they are still building the camp and need support too, so they are carrying the load, but respond she will!

  5. mark says:

    4 months prior to the fukashima disaster i had a dream that i went up to this huge tank that was ready to burst.patched and rusty, i could see movement of the plates
    that held it together..i ended up on a phone and said,we really need to do something here..its going to go critical..but all i got was yelled at…big time..
    again i insisted that something be done and this man yelled at me even louder..i said what i meant to and hung up.then as i began stepping back i saw jeeps roll up with MP..japanese military police..the dream ended..

  6. OG says:

    Is Carly still using the mentioned email address?

  7. Israel Bruno says:

    Hello brothers and sisters.
    This is on regard to the radiation pollution.
    There is a gentleman by the name of John Hutchinson, he claims to have found a technological/ scientifical way to get rid of the radioactive pollution via this technology, by the use of certain frequencis.
    He also claims and has proven to use similar technology to cause any type of matter to levitate and to even change the form of metallic (matter) he also seem to have proven free energy devices that require nothing but a electromagnetic forces of the planet and a few simingly ordinary rocks or stones.
    He has a youtube channel and he post weird videos were he dress as characters and act them out, but he does shows a great deal of simingly wholesome scientific technologies.
    I am merely suggesting his work for the sake of authentication and better understanding. Not to put him on a pedestal or glorify him.
    All the Glory be to the Creator.
    Please I beg of you to check, check, check.
    I want to understand from the side of purity if there is any good in this man work.

  8. Living Documents says:

    All – as for the check check check, this is correct….do so. As for me I personally will never accept anyone using a channel – there is no need to check it is false. But it is up to you to find out for yourself, good luck, Red Elk.

  9. linda says:

    my feet are sore, especially right foot. feels like crystals in them. sore hips and legs. what shall i do elk woman?

  10. Whale Sister says:

    There’s no ‘Elk Woman’ here, and Mother Journeyhawk doesn’t answer the blog. Who are you trying to get a hold of?