My own personal family (brothers, sisters, etc.) are all just a bit older than myself, are beginning to check out (i.e. pass away). I myself have to wait to see about if I am going to pass away and come back 3 more times. I won’t know until the events.  BUT it looks like I’m on my way too, so it shouldn’t be real long before I know. I’ve got a lot of emails to answer, regular letters to answer and I just about incapable of doing so. If I am to go, I am apologizing here for not getting back to you. I thank those that have donated and have asked questions in those donations and I have a stack here that you wouldn’t believe, but I’m just so tired all the time, and I shake so bad I can’t read my writing. My wife is so busy to take care of me, a 20 minute break is a luxury to her, so I ask you to please forgive me, I apologize, I have had the intent but so far it is getting harder and harder. Most of my regular donators have either died off or have their own family needs for what little cash they have on hand. It is OK, we are still making by and still trusting in our living god. I pray that you continue to that, whether I am with you or not. I have no idea how long my time will be. Yesterday it looked like my time was up. But I guess not, I pulled through both times. I’m falling a lot though and it is hard to get around. Right now I do have a need for you to pray for me and us. I figured out this quite old and the side door is broken by the frame. Somehow we have to go about getting this frame fixed before winter sets in. I have little money to hire anyone and have no idea who to hire, everyone is busy. I’m not asking for money friends, I’m asking for God to fix this doorway for us. It is needed badly, and it is getting cold in here. When it gets down below 72 I think I am freezing to death because the winter comes through. That’s my big need at the moment and just pray about it for us. Dad said you can do it and when and is willing to. I’m pretty sure we have enough money to fix the farm to be totally replaced. Dad knows what is needed. Please pray about that for us because it is a very heavy need, it is getting cold up here. In the last one full year I have been outside 16 times, most of those times were doctor runs, 3 times were just for the heck of it and that felt great, but it is so much trouble to get dressed and ready and get out, I don’t want to bother anymore, I just am too tired, but I’m not too tired to pray for you. If you have needs, never mind donations set forth for prayer, dad still hears us and I will let it go at that. I am more than willing to die helping others. That would be wonderful to me. God bless you one and all, forgive me your unanswered mails, I am so sorry….God Bless




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2 Responses to “Friends”

  1. curtis says:

    red elk,

    i’m so sorry to hear about the situation that you are in. i have recently discovered your lectures, and as short as they may be they have helped me greatly during my meditations. i was just on your other site and sent you some of my white light to help you heal. you are someone that i respect and is there anything that i can help you with? i live on the east coast but the impact you have on my life changed my whole perspective of the power and control of energies humans have. i have tried your flying teaching and strangely only my hands rise. i am a disabled veteran and i can’t jump as i wish, but i lay down in my bed and say ” i am the air, i am flying, i can fly” not even 29seconds after that my hands start to move on their own. i don’ t understand the meaning of it and i don’t want to burden you further to explain.
    you have touched me with your simple messages, and like you said. its short and to the point, and it works, i tried invisibility but i’m afraid i need more training. i am praying for you red elk. you have control of your energies, if you feel like its time for you to go, please don’t make yourself suffer. your messages have been heard and we are practicing as hard as we can and we thank you. i wish that i could have found you sooner and learned from you directly. but you have inspired me to control my energy, to take control of my reality.
    i will send you healing love every single day. thank you for your help, and i wish i could do more. but i will stay true to your lectures and maybe teach someone else. red elk you are a pure and honest soul. peace to you and i hope that you are receiving my healing light.

  2. Living Documents says:

    Well thank you Curtis. The healing light that you speak of has got a name. Believe it or not it is Jesus Christ. Maybe someday you can ask him into your life as I have and try to devote your life to living his walk as I try, unfortunately as well as I like but I do try. As for what you can do for me, KEEP UP THOSE PRAYERS. They fill me with wanting to stay. This world is in such a turmoil, such a mess we need gods people. As for, I can fly, that statement, I can fly – you never will using that statement – the statement with CAN, start changing that, get rid of that, Use I AM FLYING. When you can convince yourself of that, you actually will. CAN is a put off word (someday, maybe tomorrow, eventually, etc.) Ditch the can – go for the I AM, god bless you thanks for all, Amen – Red Elk