Off To The Airport

Anthony is on his way to the airport to spend his day traveling to Red Elk!

Well this morning is really exciting. I even dreamed of meeting Anthony
last night. I found a sketch drawing of him to share with you all.

We received a donation that will allow us to purchase Red Elk some tobacco 
and Anthony some food and supplies for his living quarters in a trailer
next to Red Elk yesterday. 

We also received a donation early this morning to use as we see fit, 
so I sent it to Adam to put gas in Red Elk's pickup truck and buy another 
pack of smokes.

Anthony has a drivers license and will just need to be taught where to go
to town and do some of Red Elk's errands. They will probably have to
practice how to get Red Elk in the truck if they are to take him out and
about. I suppose Red Elk will use this opportunity to get back out to the

I know Anthony wrote he is pumped up for this. He is really excited. He is
all about his studies so this should be an amazing opportunity for him,
and a bit of rough living.

I will update you all on the progress. 


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