Purity to all

Hi to you...and all;

Been just over a full week of 'purity' work. Not one single ding not done
in  that realm.  Just about unbelievable. Purity seems to be catching on.
Serious 'workers' WANTing to share / grow / teach  and protect each other
from the enemy. Two sets of husbands and wives....single men.....some only
one of married to. Phone / e mails / drop ins. Canada and USA. Each
'watching' out for each other....each checking their own work as well as that
of the others,  making sure, via concordance, the tellings are God correct.  

No, I'm not in charge, I'm just one of the group and am checked on as well.  Aho?!!! ( :  I
prefer it that way.  GOD , not man, in charge.  The way it was done when the Jews
had it when they followed HIM.  HO!

AS for ME/ HEALTH; I'm still 'as is'.  This is helping others see one need not be
discouraged with ones 'life'.. that one is / can still be effective in with HIM
despite the personal 'problems'. It's working too!  ( :  Praise the Lord!

ALL in this small group, see the need of personal and WORLD need, each wanting to be
a part in actually changing it. Sharing via personal life it CAN be changed.
im praying this both works out...n Works. Aho?

Now it's a 'wait and see' time.  Aho?    

God Bless,  



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