Adam is the closest I have for an “apprentice”.  (NOT as a MEDICINE Person but as a GOD Person)

Today we were talking (phone).  Many “Main” woods Roads of THIS area is now closed to motorized vehicles.  Today’s paper said some roads into our local area (they tell) will be so for a Year OR LONGER.

This is Adam’s “domain”.  Camping/Quests/Etc. (Mine as well).  Now tho it would take at the LEAST a 2 day In and Out hike to a desired spot…PLUS the time to “do”.

Thus a WEEK would be generally needed.

Cell phones nearly useless there.

He was telling me he was considering getting a pair of Walkie-Talkies.

Those TOO are “limited”…even quite close to each other.

Still, “handy”.  Aho?

He was exhorting on these as I listened.  Then I spoke:  “Adam, these are STILL Man’s TECHNOLOGY.  “Tech” STILL BREAKS DOWN!  Batteries/no Reception GUARANTEED/Etc.

‘Useful’, yes….but ‘Just’.

What you NEED to do is to LEARN TELEPATHY !  The CREATOR’S Way. PURE and RELIABLE communication.

I’ve shared HOW…and you either forgot OR did/do not PRACTICE.  HOW can you LEARN if you DON’T WORK AT IT!

You are STILL stuck in MAN’S WAY.  THINKING “Man”.

Someday you will be the ‘teacher’….but how CAN you do so If YOU Don’t LEARN!”

I now say the same thing to All of you!



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