As most know, I’m quite an Observer.

Often even watching TV Outdoor/Etc. Shows, I observe.

In this seen many lions/etc. walk right by herds/etc. without these paying any attention what-so-ever.  Then at times they RUN!

“WHY is this?” I began to wonder.

Well, my Medicine Training helped in finding the reason:

Knowing ALL Speak….under this I began to understand.


I experiment.  At first with a small group of loose (and chased) “spooked” cattle.

I took my MIND   T  O  T  A  L  L  Y   O  F  F   my “intent”  (to get past them and then reverse and  FOOL them…to RUN FROM ME).

I passed ALL mere SMALL FEET AWAY.  Then, once past, turned and MIND THOUGHT  “aHA!”

My mind COMPLETELY ON ONLY ‘GETTING HOME’ as I passed….Then: “WHAM”!  Aho?

It worked and PERFECTLY!

All herded back into their “safety” home (fenced acreage).

Next was a very vicious German Shepherd.  Trained as a Police Dog.

I sat on a small boulder right at the very edge of it’s “home protection area”.  It came CHARGING!  I GAVE HIM NOT ONE THOUGHT!  Not ONE!!  I totally ignored him.

Needless to say…he calmed down and in under an hour we set side-by-side as we talked.  FRIENDS.

I have done similar all along since.

The dog, etc., SENSED NO “Bad Vibes”  INTENT.

I use this CONSTANTLY.  Often “talking” to Birds/Rattlesnakes/Horses/Bovines/Deer/Elk/Etc.

I taught this to my eldest grandson.  Recently he “made contact” with a COUGAR who was in a ONE LEAP distance from him.  The two “connected” AND PARTED AS ‘FRIENDS’.  Neither afraid of the other.

As for “Talking WITH”…well that’s another telling…but this is a GOOD START!



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