A Telling

A Telling

Well, Thanksgiving day.  Time to “bury the hatchet” between the Native Americans and “invaders”……hard on a number of NA tho.  Sigh.  We (NA) have an important roll to yet play out.  Still giving…for the World’s cause.  Most don’t know this tho.

We (NA) were PLANNED to be overthrown.  All PLANNED by our Creator.

I know this is hard to swallow, but, in time (and soon), all will know.

Not just we NA, but too ALL “aborigines”.  IE: “Primitives”, to the others.

We still hold Sacred Knowledge the others are not aware of.  Some coming to light now tho. The Crystal Skulls being one.  More yet to come.

ALL, others AND we, will need to unite, as one, to do what is called for.

Like it or not, it WILL happen.  “His” plan will NOT be spoiled by “resenters”.

The Red Web Society…a mix of NA/Breeds (as myself) and “others” started toward this goal a number of years ago.  Other Societies of other Countries as well.


Mankind faces a decision most are not WANTING to take.  THAT Date too fast approaching, friends.

So, however you feel, know….KNOW….the Future lays ahead.  Decisions, personally and as whole groups….even COUNTRIES….will bring both Unity for GOOD, as well as for BAD.  Bad being: SELF, over ALL.

Then “the hell comes”, and, FINALLY: PEACE!



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