I’m Still Around

Hello all,

I’m still around, I have crippling arthritis in both hands, as well as in both arms, the left one especially.

I want to thank the person who sent me the package with the Heritage seeds…please write me again. I lost the address and haven’t been able to have Meachelle help me write me back. She is doing my writing now. I want to thank you very much for that.

Despite everything, I can still pray for people, and I am and it is still working. I stay busy doing that.

I haven’t given up. I’m eating salads blended by a bullet now for those of you who keep harping on me.

I love you all, don’t give up on me, I haven’t given up on you.

God Bless,

Red Elk

PS: This communication came via Red Elk’s call to (me) Heather today and I posted this for him. I found the CD that WS had given me years ago to rebuild the blog. Red Elk keeps telling me I am so busy I can’t look down and see my hands. I always love a good challenge. I’m going to start rebuilding the blog. I took all the sticky posts down so you the reader will know what is new (old actually but back up from that complete destruction of 2/3 of his site a few years ago). These must be the stories that need to be retold. I’ll make a commitment to put them up as fast as I can. Also, Red Elk has the cutest children’s coloring book. I also need to get that done. It’s been hard for him, being isolated not only by his body movement but by his inability to log on and read his emails, answer his letters, or see his communications. If you have written to him and not heard from him, this is why. I can only do so much. I know there’s a million unread emails out there and for that I apologize. I have to have the moment and space in time to read to him, write to you and so on. Anyway, he’s going to be 73 years old soon. I know he will be able to read his blog from home. Leave him comments there, that should be a good start to communicate, or at least receive your messages. Thank you and God Bless. – h


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