Warning! Warning! Warning!


At very near the end of my  “Great Vision” I was told…STRONGLY:
“The DANGER FROM  W I  T  H  I  N ,  is   F  A  R  greater then the DANGER  from 
                                        W  I  T  H  O  U  T ! “     
This is in regarding  to our FED,  AND  STATE GOV.s.


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2 Responses to “Warning! Warning! Warning!”

  1. Kemokae says:

    You just got wind of this message…it’s been known for an long time in sme ways if your an visionary. Creator protects you know..hs people. Do good
    and be wise. I am sorry to hear about you nose…min was bothering me the
    other day and in the process of readjusting it something snapped, mot likely
    an implant of some kind..heh? I was hearinthey like to implant devices close
    to the bones, as they do their works by “vibration” and bone picks it up better.
    I am not sure who “they” are rather alein or Govt. of some kind…Roger Lear
    told us all that the other night. My neice came over to visit me yesterday…she’s
    in an passel of problems…she’s nowan single mom with and felony record from
    an hubby who got her into doing drugs. I hear she left him as she has two little
    girls to raise when she got out of jail. There are many jos you can’ hold down
    you know if youclassified an felon in your past. She looked at me qnd she says, you know Im an Felon…I said ot her…gee, Ithough you were female…she laughed and she says I’m Native American…and I said…don’t use that as an
    excuse then…when you find a job..get one you really like…and try to make as
    much moneyas you can so you can raise those little girls and theyknow thier
    mom and who she is…my brother looked at her and said…I told you so..she’s
    getting saucy in her old age!…Imagine that..me?… Elk..why…what can I say. You know the say “old age” is when you can tell it like it really is in life and not get your butt kicked for saying it…smiles* I think I better get my garden this year
    to help the younger generation maybe while they work. Blueberries doing really
    well, berris coming along fine also, they got an trim…so I can get up to them to
    pick later on…grape vine cam down, but still have the vines if I want t mak something out them…planted the flowers that are eatable for this sumer’s salads. Picked three stalks of asparagus…so if your up around the Columbia
    River..it goes wild around Wentachee, Wash…the water fron is an park also.
    Fruit trees bloomed, maily pears, peaches and apricots…but not many blossoms this year, Iwas fighting blight something bad the year before though, hand pickin the warped leaves as the leaves came out an dkept fertilizing them
    or I’d probably lost last year. Apple and plum trees just now blossoming. The
    dandilions out good for picking and using in salads…good with an slightly poachd egg on top and the dijon mustard dressing wit some crumbled bacon.
    So Spring is here…I’m out after some more Strawberries to plant though. Rite
    Aide had them this week 2 6 packs for $5…everbearing variety…produce all
    summer long. Planted newraspberry bushes…not vines though…someting new..
    these are shrubs get 6 to 8 feet tall. Got my other ones strung into my blackberries. Good place to get free balckberries is the new park on the delta,
    east end of the bridge crosses overthe Sandy River before you get into Troutdale…grow wild there….and besides…you an go fishing also at the same
    time. Hubby picked up hs fishing liscense Saturday…and got my grandson his
    also…so they will be going on an Boy Scout outting here soon to learn more
    about fishing. I heard the boys ran into”Crawdad’s” and was more interested in
    catchng them the last time then they were the fish..had an good time though.
    Idian Pow Wow this summer around July 4th looks like it might be an good one
    at Pendleton Oregon..gonna have an big craft fair also. WE are inprovign our
    neighborhood…have had 6 huge Oak trees cut down and one huge dead maple
    tree and still need more…bu there is indeed “sunshine” out there now….and we
    were worried they’d fall they were gettin to big. Gave the wood to the Oregon’s
    Veteran’s to help those in need next winter. I still can’tbeleive how fast those
    trees came down…done in one day. I mean they were like maybe 100-150 feet
    high and spread out. Kind of made it look like we had more room between our
    houses…lots more. My two Oaks, I’d like topped off but not cut totally down..lady had her’ cut totallydown has an row of evergreens in front of them,
    so she’ not missing any shade this summer exactly…as they ar big now also.
    Glad ot hear your up and about from last month. Just stay well will ya..so
    we all can read your up-dates nowand then. Nice day out…planting bulbs, so better get back to it.

  2. Kemokae says:

    Sorry for the mispells…my idiot follows me around changing my posts finally caught up to me and my new computer recently…not much I can do about it.
    I am told by the experts…that the mispells happen when someone is stealing
    my text to read it. Or someone like cliff high that uses an program to take random words out of text for future predictions of what’s going to be happening. If ya don’t want shit to hit the fan…shut the fan off. Don’t buy into the shit life
    has to offer for next to nothing…or so they say..it’s always…Now this won’ t hurt an bit…liars liars pants on fire…like the lady that sells insurance on TV.