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Over MMANY   years, ive delt    into     many    like this.       seem  to y   cawl out of the rotting tree bark in MASS attack.   GOOD!  maby reading thier Own weakness WI

I, n others in Med, DONT NEED IT>  Use it only as a help in healing…NOT ON/IN THEMSELVES, but the PAITENT(s).  Sorcers r another “story”.  Im speaking

only of the GODLY Med. People.  Aho?

Ive been shareing for Many Many yrs…long b4 C2C (1999)  and to date.  In ALL THAT TIME ONLY # TO FIVE “got it” n have “taken up the Cross”.  One has gone “rebel” n now is out of the PURE followers.  Miss Quiting scriptures n going by that.  Never ck.ed truth from Man Add fiction.  When i pointed this out, aftern  times….we no longer corraspond.

As told, the “church” will breAK into 5.  Hes in one of those now…OUT of Purity Growth.  his path.  Aho?

Ive seen too, in these years, that the LOUDEST “Defender” of thier “way” is ALWAYS the one MOST AWARE Of Thier WRONG DOING…SO TRYES TO “SHOUT DOWN” thier “wrongness Pointer”.  NOT WANTING TO EXSPOSE THIER MISSTAKE.   Thats thier RIGHT…thier PATH..  Like myself, they too will, in the end, FACE the Great Creator.  the ONE who will EXSPOSE ALL THEYVE DONE.  (GULP!)


Hay, its NOISY out there.

N INSANE ASSYLUM  of Sin (disobedence to God) full people.

Why do i carry on?  i live with BIG BROTHER…the HUMAN RACE LOVER, dwelling INSIDE OF ME.  HE hasnt stoped Loveing, n I ASKED Him IN.  I VOLLONTEERED for thIS..  (didnt realize its HARDSHIPS, at ALL!…  To late I   I got the AGAPE LOVER “BUG”….HAVE to “go  on”.   The Desenters THINK thier Fighting ME.  No…they r fiGHTING HIM (who dwells, very much alive. WITHIN ME!

I may get “the hits” but they r TRYING to strick HIM!

Dosnt matter if the attack is from fellow NA..or “Christians” or Whatever…they r ATTACKING   HIM!


Every Singel ONE will be so EMBARRESED….so ASHAMED…and SHOULD Be, too!

Here I present FREEDOM LOVE n THEY COULD CARE LESS.  Rather “play thier sin games”.  This is SELF WILL, at work>  “Thier Path is thier RIGHT.

As long as theY ARNT KILLING OR ABUSEING or Causeing “hurt”….WTCH OUT! i

I turned in my OWN DAUGHTRT when she decided to grow her Own POT.  Indangering ALL liveing in the house.  We COULD have been Landlored EVICTED…her  CHILDREN taken awaY  N JAILED!

n peopleH  “fight”  for THIS!?    

No matter WHAT wrong is being done…putting SELF ahead of Others DOES EFFECT OTHERS.  U just couldn’t Care LESS.     

Then to claime “Christian”…….BULL !!!




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2 Responses to “Heather – put on the blog as is”

  1. Kemokae says:

    Iwas tring to read your neck pain problem and lost the postingfor some reason..but you know that there are an couple of things that might help you..
    coattocoastam.com if you listen to it occasionally has an drug herb they are sellinmade from “hops” that they claim is an better pain killer then many prescriptions drugs..but does not infer with other drugs given by docotors..it is
    made from the “hops” they make beer with. Also if you have an doctor’s statement any acupture you go to for an health problem..or homepath that
    uses herbals is now tax deductible. If there’s noting can be done for this pinched nerve…have acupunture done an simply kill the nerves..then you’ll never know of the pain…and sometimes procedures like this is needed, as its
    an cure when cures don’t work. Earthquak Mary asked me when I burnd mysel so badly before Christmas this year..well actually the Pot I was cooking in with
    grease exploded on me….to look up an “purple platte” on the internet..she said
    its an cure that heals things much faster. I did that..and found it…it works by
    using electomagnetic waves in the room…from what I understand. There are
    some wonderful tngscoming up..if you know of them…th heart surgery I had and
    the stent putinmy heart is now obsolete…an so is the procedure…they are able
    ot inplat devices without the surgery now..to keep heart valves open. With stem
    cell useage they can grow new heart tissure….Seattle is one of two hospitals on the west coast does stem cell organ transplants..it’s at the University Hospital.
    The entire surgery is for free as long as it remains an “research” project. They expect by the time our grandkids are older they will never die of organ problems
    because of this work…contact Dr. Christopher Wilde for an surgeon in your
    area. I have watched the South American Shaman’s literally take an heart
    out of an person’s chest and fix it and replace it without an ounce of blood spilled in the process…I am still trying to understand that one.

    I have not checked you othr catagories…but if you have an seed bank going on..
    i would be nice to share amoung those through you web site. I recently bought
    two new raspberry bushes….not vines…this time around…the bushes grow from
    6 to 8 feet tall and don’ t need fencing. I use the raspberry leaves to feed my
    rabbits with after they give birth…and the raspberries for myself. If any one can
    cultivate “cat-tails”….as they don’t sell them in retail stores to much… and they work well as both an potato type tuber and in blooming season for the “cotton” fiber they make and in the green stage and kind of an mini corn cob that’s eatable. Very versable plant.
    Now an warning RED Elk…becareful of some of these UFO’s…..I was killed by
    the German “Nazi’s” inmypast lifetime…on which has left percussions on my
    soul this life time. Even though I had one park outabove my house last year and
    save my life. But I was told that the German expereiments for an “pure” race
    of beings is what caused my death back then…why?…because I was Jewish…
    and as you kow from the Bible..the Jewish…ones that follow “God” in perspective….are “God’s'” chosen people. Hilter felt if he killed all the “Jews”
    then perhaps “God” would implant his chosen “pure” race of mankind instead
    and te would be accepted….I do believe that there are some remanents still alive.. and using the term of “UFO aleins” to them..and that of spirituality. As I
    say…Good people are always good…they do good workings also..they go beyond the realm of religion…they allow”God” to walk within them….but they
    know that they are NOT God themselves. The difference between that is the
    Anti-christ” and the “true” creator God…which is an perfect ecesence of “energy
    light- thought” that can manifest upon will… It manifests only good…and is the only one capable of doing so… universally. He remnded me one time in an crisis why I shouldn’t fret so much..he’s running things..not me….thn gave me the understanding of hs workings in this crisis…he was correct. His idea was
    better…it taught this person some knowledge about life in general. Hope your
    enjoying”Spring” this year. I thnk just seeing all the little critters being born is so
    wonderful….life ” renews” itself once more.

  2. redelk says:

    You forget our money situation. Never enough for extras after home needs. All DOCS AND ACUPUNCTURES ONE say “cant fix”. Chiropractor helps at least. AN effort to walk with walker so go out (to chiropractor) only once a Week. Back bone deteriorating. GB re