The History of Waco North

This is what many True Followers can expect here as we FOLLOW CHRIST in Fullness.  Its from “ARK TWO”.  A Man and Wife in Canada.who FOLLOW OUR “BIG BROTHER” (Christ THE Lord):  Please read it.   
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I often refer to Ark Two as Waco North because of the number of times that we have been raided. We have been raided many, many times, but there have been four major raids. What I call a major raid is when eleven emergency vehicles and over 40 personnel show up simultaneously and unannounced. They then post police tape and won’t let us enter our own property.

On the other hand if we are already in there – they come in and find us and boot us out while they go through the inside. Since these guys come with what I call AK-47s (I am told they are not that), grenade launchers, body armor, K-9, Command Posts, (and all that), I have always said that if I ever get a knock on the door saying, “This is police – open up”, I am going to say, “One minute,” then I will strip off all my clothes (I am not all that worried about modesty), throw up my hands as I open the door, and say “No concealed weapons”, I am worried about getting shot, and I don’t want someone to say – “We thought he was about to draw a weapon.” Actually, the Canadian raids have been of a kinder gentler kind. I didn’t resist and so far no one has shot me.

Yep, I am not your usual type of survivalist. I have told not only the police, but the whole world, over and over again, that we have no weapons and the police have certainly searched our property enough times to know that is true. They used to make a big thing about my kids target bows and arrows, but I can’t even use those now, since I am now blind in my aiming eye. I am not about to bite anyone. Can’t say that I am toothless, because while I do still have one tooth it would be kind of awkward to try to stab someone with that!

Nope, people really don’t have anything to worry about from old ‘peace and love Bruce’. Anyway, what brings all this about is that there is a rumor that the local Council is again going to try lock/seal/destroy/attack in some way Ark Two. It is not inconceivable that they may come to take me away. I am not privy to their plans and God Willing, it is only a rumor.

The friends have asked me what I am going to do? Well, as always, rely upon God. Many times the local Council has attacked me in the past, and always I have tried to comply with their wishes. The American survivalist concept of resistance is not the Canadian way. I have read the current popular survivalist essay:

“Never Surrender”

“”Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense”
(Winston Churchill, Oct 29, 1941)

The essay states: “Surrender is not an option” and names three phases:

The first phase of surrender is failing to be armed, trained and committed to fight. We are prepared to surrender when we are unprepared to resist.

The second phase of surrender is failing to be alert. You must see trouble coming in order to have time to respond. The warning may be less than one second but it will be there and it must be recognized and acted upon immediately.

The third phase in the essay is a lengthy paean in defense of the Second Amendment and the importance of never surrendering one’s arms.

But now, I ask you, how did that work out for David Koresh? The Waco Massacre began just twenty years ago this coming month. Seventy-six men, women and children were killed. The parallels and the contrasts are interesting. The parallel is that the children had sheltered in a buried school bus that was built as a refuge. Anyone, who has watched the National Geographic segment on Ark Two will see the parallel.

The contrast is that the men in Waco were heavily armed and committed to forceful resistance whereas at Ark Two we have no weapons and are committed to peace, love, and non-violence. The old question of WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?). The answer is “Turn the other cheek”, “Love thy enemies”, “Bless those who persecute you.” The concept of non-violent resistance of Leo Tolstoy, Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and many others.

People ask what that is going to get them in this world, and the answer is “Success” (God willing), and if not in this world then no matter because we all depart from here sooner or later and eternity is much longer. The important thing is to have set the example in this life that Jesus wants us to.

For over thirty years Ark Two has been attacked by the local Council. They usually do this by finding some other agency to complain to and by having that agency attack us. We have had to appear in Court dozens of times, and have lost many times, eventually to win on appeal.

We conformed to every “Stop Work Order” that we received. We implemented all the suggestions of the Fire Marshal’s Office and welded shut the shelter in accordance with the decree and conditions imposed by the Fire Commission, until we had met their requirements before the Building Commission as they had ordered. We completely fulfilled the directives of the Building Commission and the latest directive of the Fire Marshal – so that in all things we are in total compliance.

The Council however, has stepped over the line at least five times in its effort to prove the old adage that, “You can’t fight City Hall”. Their strategy has always been to get someone else to fight their battles for them so that they didn’t have any legal expenses. The lawyers have loved it and it has caused us to have to mortgage our home to resist. Unfortunately, one can never say they have won the trophy because the attackers just come back on a new front.

Many have asked what their purpose/motive is? I don’t know. They have just finished taking on a corporate Goliath that wanted to put in the largest open quarry in North America. Since they won on that they may feel themselves the ‘Super Goliath”, and are now wanting to take on David.

The present members of the Council probably have no idea as to what the motive was of those on the Council over thirty years ago, but the activity has become ingrained. They put it in high sounding terms of their desire to ‘protect the public’.

When I challenged this concept at a Fire Commission Hearing saying that there were no other shelters to protect the children in case of a nuclear disaster such as I envision – the high minded response was: “Yes, but it is our responsibility to provide the best protection possible and to make sure the shelter meets the highest possible standards.”

Repeatedly, I hear that they consider the shelter to be a hazard, and for this reason I was required to put a fence around the locked shelter. It sits on top of a 150 foot cliff where trespassing motor bikes repeatedly in sport race right up to the edge! Dozens of such examples could be given – and while I don’t see any danger in the shelter it is not my place to question their motives.

The motive of Ark Two is well known. We have over a dozen YouTube videos that invariably state that the purpose of Ark Two is not survival but rather to serve humanity and to help reconstruct society. This undoubtedly seems extremely eccentric to most observers. The Impossible Dream Yes, I do identify with Don Quixote, and yes most think that I tilt at windmills.

But still, what harm is there in this? What is it about this old man that upsets the Council? They have heritage day and speak of the past. Jean and I are a part of that heritage. By virtue of her age, the oldest residents in the village. She was born in the next house south from where we live and her mother here also two centuries ago. In the 1800’s her grandfather operated the mill on the Reserve for Mill where Ark Two is now located.

The old man wishes them no ill, and I think causes no ill. He doesn’t drink and cause disturbances. He doesn’t fight with or confront anyone. He has been respectful of his neighbor’s property. What reason not to leave him alone? He doesn’t hear voices – but he does seek guidance in prayer, and this is the service that he feels led to do.

But, perhaps the Council too seeks guidance in prayer and the Holy Spirit is telling them what they should do. I am sure that the High Priests that sentenced Jesus and His followers, also felt they were being guided by God. So we know not what is for good or ill.

There are presently three video groups filming about Ark Two and myself. I am sure that further confrontation will, from their perspective, add to the drama. They will undoubtedly wish to meet with the Council and show also the Council’s perspective. As time has progressed, Ark Two has become somewhat famous. Perchance not quite yet to the level of Waco – but because of the National Geographic, millions have seen it and know about it. The series is the most popular that National Geographic has ever done and the episode about Ark Two the most popular episode.

For all I know, this could be the Will of God, that a newsworthy event about the attempts to close Ark Two could spring it much more greatly onto public attention. This may be the very means that we can spread our message to the masses. So despair not. Trust in the Lord. I am going to include here a prayer that is very meaningful to me:

So we fight for the The Impossible Dream . Never give up, never surrender, except to the Will of God, for we know not what His purpose is in any of this. As Jean approaches 90 I hope this does not become an unbearable burden for her, but if it continues on for me as far into the future as long as it has been in the past, I shall be 110.

Others have counselled me to take a different tack. They feel that attack is the best option and because there is strong evidence that we have been substantially wronged, they have suggested that we sue the Council. Not my style. But then too, I must let others do as they wish to do. One member wishes to start a Friends of Ark Two. His goal is to have ten others join him. To participate in this you should have net assets of at least one million dollars. Each of the Friends of Ark Two will initially put up one thousand dollars and give a retainer of ten thousand dollars to a top name/qualified attorney. They must stand ready to provide additional draws if necessary, which is the reason for the net assets requirement.

I won’t go into detail about the strategy or aspirations – of the Friends of Ark Two, but suffice it to say that the organizer sees potential large enough to be rewarding and that he feels that there has been a significant evidential violation of civil rights that can be pursued against the Council and individual members therein. So, if you wish to participate in the Friends of Ark Two, contact me and I will put you in contact with the organizer and you can consult among yourselves.

None of this may be necessary – because, after all, it may all just be a rumor.

Peace and love,


SAFE Ark Two Newsletter
January 27th, 2013


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