Hello all,

Red Elk lives a bit off the grid, and he has always had to use an aircard to send me or WS emails for us to post on this site to share with you. There have been some developments lately.

1. Red Elk has needed to rest for health reasons.

2. His aircard somehow gets used by others in the home and the bills surprise him with over $300 monthly charges. It is just too much for him to continue right now, and unless a company will restrict the useage so he can just stay on his emails, his correspondence via email and the blog will be ending (for now unless a new alternative is found).

I have in the past ran some Kickstarter campaigns, where I helped raise money for projects for people. Instead of using Kickstarter, Red Elk has agreed to let me directly talk to you the reader about this project idea.

I have a number of Red Elk’s work backed up, and I need the resources to get this work completed and out to the world. In no way, do I want to take from Red Elk’s donations by people who are generous and giving when they feel called to support.

Here’s how the projects are scheduled out to go.

#1  The Egg book (This is a coloring book with a beautiful story that Red Elk wrote and illustrated himself years ago before he had the shakes). I need to hire a friend who will give me a low rate to restore the images back to their original design). This will be two different types of books. One will be a coloring book, with the same story in the back, in black and white where a child/or you can color in the story yourself. It’s a very inspired story and beautiful to be book. I will also create an inexpensive black and white coloring book with the story.This is the first project.

#2  The server that this website was on crashed and although we pay the server company to have backups there were none. There is however some back up files given to me from WS and others who have kept some of the work, and I need to rebuild this blog. We are missing 2/3 of it and all the information that was available to the public. While I rebuild the blog, I want to turn it into Red Elk Speaks Blog books so people can have the information on hand, as or if ever needed.

#3 There is an old book of Red Elk’s out called “The Agenda” – I would like to get that out.


Currently, Red Elk and I are doing an audio interview of his book Short Stories. He is able to call in on an 800# and I am recording it while I ask him questions about the “tellings” in his book Short Stories. This is a good alternative to keep producing work for the world until we can do more.

If you feel called to donate you can use the donate button with a note, that it is for a project. Red Elk receives the monies from the sales of the work created and to be clear, should something happen to him, his wife is the beneficiary, then family and etc.

If you have any questions feel free to email me heather@tkweb.com

We will end this Red Elk “kickstarter” experiment on Valentines Day!

Thank you!




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7 Responses to “Red Elk’s Own Kickstarter Campaign by Heather”

  1. Yaj7 says:

    i shred this with the people on http://www.expansions.com/ I think they can help alot!
    the people on this site are very kind people I know… I trust they can spread the word around the world.
    let’s us hope this becomes big in a good way! ( :
    let’s kick up high! To the sky! hahahaha!

  2. Living Documents says:

    Thank you Yaj7! It will be interesting to see what happens! We have already received some great advice on fixing his internet dilemma and hope to have the solution sorted out by next week!

  3. Yaj7 says:

    that’s great! doing one thing at a time.
    I hope they see my post on the Forums lol.
    My heart says Wait and See, so i will wait and see!
    2013 is a great year i can feel it!
    So much work in and out lol

  4. Anne says:

    For issue #2 would this help?

  5. Living Documents says:

    Thank you for the suggestion, and I do love the way back machine. I have all of the files that I just need to repost, one by one, and I may even have some of the comments due to other archives people have found, so it’s just time intensive! (It’s just a long boring copy and paste job).

  6. Living Documents says:

    We have not had any financial funding come in, but I have received support for getting Red Elk on line at home at a reasonable and stable cost that would not fluctuate or give him additional charges, PTL. We also have had a Voice Over person volunteer to look at the recordings that another volunteer made with me to discuss his book Short Stories. I have taken my own time after a night of dreaming (last night) that my only duty today was to publish his book “The Agenda”. I have been working on that, and will have it published after Red Elk clarifies some questions I have in a few days. The book will be $20. It was published years ago in a limited capacity. I actually heard about it from someone else other than Red Elk and knew to ask those around him if anyone had a copy! Thanks to Adam, he sent me a copy and I’m preparing it for publishing. Thank you to WS for preparing this book so well, it is just a matter of making it ready for print! I am amazed at the content inside of it, and I am like you…in awe of the things I find out when I do the work, read the words, or investigate! This has been a fun project, and I’m glad I found my way today to heed my dreams! – h

  7. Yaj7 says:

    On the 15th “A Meteor hit Russia!”
    Hahaha! what an Adventure life is!
    ( :