Sandy Lessons

In the last few months, “L” has started a new maneuver with ANY he deems a danger to  his Overthrow God attempt (on its way).
YOU may have fallen for it or know others doing so.
He is “whittling” at the God Core within us.
Loss of finances the most evident.  Creating fear.  “Well  lose r HOUSE / CAR /  Etc.  Etc..
“Sandy yet another.  NO ELECTRICITY.  NO GAS.    again, fear.
I’ve Es n calls…from a few contemplating Suicide.  Singles and couples.  Just “too much”.
Am witnessing too MENTAL INSTABILITY.  “They” have taken……(loved ones / etc.).  This caused more in New Age thinkers then any others.
My own blog very much under attack.
“TO DANGEROUS TO ALLOW TO CONTINUE”.  Even my marriage attacked.
$$?  HA!  yes.   ANYTHING TO KEEP ME ON LOOKING down, not UP!
“If i cant BEAT UM…then I’ll SLOW THEM”.
ie: Whittling.
How many can STAND,,,,when all is “lost”?
How are YOU “doing”, RIGHT NOW?!!”
Hundreds E-ing “I stand”….till the crap hits them TODAY.  Then like Yo Yos.
Well, I tell you true:  “Down” is a TEST!
Those who CAN look Up WILL BE THE FUTURE.
Those who collapse, the KILLERS, or the DEAD (as you
understand “death”).
or ignore.


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2 Responses to “Sandy Lessons”

  1. Yaj7 says:

    (: Never give up.

  2. Herman Kalse says:

    I tried to make a donation and paypal insisits on a tel number and a state, I am from South Africa and our tel numbers is not accepted. I cannot complete the transaction. Let me know if there is a different method for transferring money.

    (I tried paypal before for other reasons and I would prefer not using them). Here we deposit moneys directly into accounts via the bank but I am not sure that it would work from one country to the next.

    Thanks for all your hard work, very few people here know of RED ELK, I have shared a lot of written material.