Talk To Nature

I wish we could meet face to face.  I’d teach you to talk WITH nature.  Thing is, you DO…or rather “they” TRY to (to you).  Try with EVERYONE…but man thinks its his / hers OWN thoughts. Thus man misses out on some FASCINATING things.

The conversations I’ve had…that PROVED them to be TRUE…would blow you away! The last TREE Talk was at Lions Rock…ACRES and ACRES of trees saying “WE WILL BURN”….and, low, all now burned to death in our last big fire.  Yet thin Stretches saying “WE WILL NOT BURN”…and fire went AROUND – PAST THEM!

Want proof?  ADAM WAS WITH ME and AS THEY TOLD, I told HIM!  He can back me. Other (FUTURE) things were told then (by them) too. MASS “RUNNING” via a near IMPOSSIBLE Mountain Pass, by LINES of PEOPLE.  Trying to get into Canada by this UNKNOWN Route. Dead and Dieing (Old / Weak) lining its STEEP path.  People put into a “CEMETERY” area…MILES and MILES BEFORE the pass!  Died while trying to get TO the path. Flee-ers walking from the coast. Exhausted to DEATH, BEFORE the still miles away Mountain Pass.

People from as far away as OREGON…let alone the Seattle area.

TREES KNOW.  Willing to SHARE, but man has forgotten how to HEAR.

Animals have TRIED to converse to man…but have had to give up…so instead the go to BODY LANGUAGE…which man can UNDERSTAND (the Basics of) still. VERY BASIC. In THAT man THINKS they are so smart.  No, but at least they still have that.

Nature conversation is nearly a lost art.

OUR horse gal (across the street here) has me come to talk to her horses. REFUSES TO LEARN herself (“NOT of GOD”) yet calls OFTEN. The last just last weak. A lame horse.  BADLY Swollen hoof / leg. TERRIBLE CONDITION.

When I asked what happened, she (horse ) told me “I stepped on a nail”. Not knowing the WORD “Nail”, she PICTURED it.  A rusty bent nail that punctured the base of her hoof…then came out. BLOOD POISON GOING UP HER LEG…QUICKLY!
I told the gal, “get help QUICKLY, she needs both a Penicillin shot AND a Tetanus shot (explaining).

She called, afraid (later that day) to have me come help her CALM the horse during one shot. Afraid the horse would hurt her, I did. As YOU’D like to know “whats about to occur”, so too do animals. As I was explaining to the horse, the gal, needle in hand, STRONGLY Told me to “SHUT UP”!

I “blew” Up! “WHAT!”? You call me to HELP then tell ME to SHUT UP and NOT do the Job!?

I might as well LEAVE and go into my WARM HOUSE and leave YOU with HER…TO BE KICKED and REAR UP ON!  ALONE!

Well, the gal calmed down, contrite. I then told the horse her / we were trying to help her…but that IT WOULD HURT, for a few moments.  Explained the shot. Had the gal show her the LONG needle and then touch the area the needle would go in.

I told the horse to “PLEASE BE CALM…DON’T KICK or REAR UP. It NEEDS to be done…to HELP YOU!”

I then told the gal, “Massage the area”…she did. Then to the horse, “On THREE hon…One / Two / THREE!”

The gal, so AFRAID just  COULDN’T! “DAMMIT SHARON, She was READY! She was PREPARED….now DO IT!”

(To the horse) I apologized and said “Again”…One…Two…THREE…

This time Sharon slammed the needle deep and straight down into the muscle. THE HORSE ONLY QUIVERED but stayed still.

“Thanks hon, it’s over.” (to the horse).

Sharon told me the vet would give the other shot the next day and “pull out the nail”. I told her, “its not THERE, it came out.  He wont find it!”

Yesterday he came.  Found her hoof “palm” had a busted open abscess. “COULD have been caused by a nail, If so, its no longer in here.”

I will take my metal detector over tomorrow and go over the pen and clear it of nails (less then a Month ago she had a roof section replaced…causing lost nails). Told her too:  Sharon, I don’t EVER want you to interfere with me as I’m working Again! Call and I’ll come…but if so, Y O U…”SHUT UP!”

(I do this for her “in trade”. No money).

Yes you CAN talk WITH “nature”!

So, that’s what man is MISSING. Simply by NOT HEARING what CAN be HEARD. The teaching TOO DANGEROUS to Write or Tape out to sell / give. NEEDING A “DESIGNATED DRIVER” to make it SAFE…so only can / WILL be done on a “Face-To-Face” way.




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One Response to “Talk To Nature”

  1. redelk says:

    Dear Red Elk,

    I think I have had success. I went to see my horse for the first time in 5 days last Friday, and I just wanted to hang out, not do anything specific, just give him space and time to move around in a larger pen than his stall and be near him. He was very nippy and a little high, but that is normal for him. He wasn’t interested in being chased, so I pulled up a chair. We did play a bit running back and forth with me outside of the pen, and that was fun. He is a very special horse! I sat down next to a large bush that is outside of this pen, and I held some of its leaves in my hand. I didn’t expect to be able to converse with it, but I still keep on trying, so I asked it if it liked my curls. I have naturally curly hair that I enjoy, and the plant responded that it did like my curls and asked me if I liked its curls. I looked closer and found that this plant’s new growth, which it has quite a lot of, is curly! I told it that I did like its curls, too, and that it is indeed a lovely and green bush.

    Not a deep conversation, but I wouldn’t have recognized its curly new growth on my own because I wasn’t looking at it or thinking of it. It’s a start!
    I asked for advice, figuring what you said about these beings begin wise and “in the know.” I didn’t know what I wanted advice for, though, but I always want something, so I just asked to be shown something. So I saw these birds flying into the wind and not making very much progress. They were trying to get somewhere against the wind. They’re birds, so of course they succeeded, but I recognized that that is what I do–I fight the wind and struggle against it and try to get somewhere against the wind. The wind is from God. I’m struggling against God. It’s a lack of trust thing.

    So after about an hour I went to take Dreamer (my horse) back to his stall. He hadn’t given me the sign I was looking for to say he was ready to go home, but I started to take him anyway, but he was circling around me, nipping me and being very rude. I put him back in another turnout pen and hung out with him some more. Then I noticed the clouds. They were drifting in the wind. They were being shaped and moving quickly with the wind, without resisting. The birds were just part of the message. The clouds finished it. After that Dreamer came and gave me the sign I had been looking for in the other pen, and I took him home. He wasn’t nipping anymore, and he only circled once at the place where he always does because he doesn’t like having the wash at his back.

    So I know what I need to do–trust the Lord and stop resisting Him. Stop trying to be in control of everything all the time. Let “the wind” take me where it will, and trust that it won’t harm me. Right now the wind has blown me over to my dad’s house to take care of him post surgeries. My own surgery will be postponed, if it even happens, but I’m not worried about that. I’m learning a lot from being around my dad, too.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know I’m starting to develop those muscles. My goal is to have my horse tell me why his sheath keeps swelling up.