The Least Shall Be First

The least shall be First…

Ever think on that?  

Should….as we of Earth are FULL of “least”.

They cook your McDonald’s meals / Clean your work spaces / Dig our graves / Sweat in the fields so we can eat, etc.
The “least”.  Janitors at  our schools / Sewer workers / the Housewife…….and on and on.
“The least”.
People, just like the rest of us.  Eeking out a living, for Pennies…so WE can “Live a ‘Better Life”.
The “hidden ones”.  Unseen.
So, you think YOU are “SOMETHING’?
SHAME on US who do.
Perhaps you have no change to Tip.  AT LEAST GIVE THEM A ‘THANK YOU’ SMILE!
Help make them feel WORTHY.

For they ARE!                     




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