Blog to Stop


As of the 20th of this month I will no longer Add to the blog ‘Read Elk Speaks’. Nor reply to any comments.

Tho whats done will remain on, there will be no more then that.

The books will be continued on selling….they are my only source of income (beyond Social Security).

Please pass the word.

I’ve done all possible for as many as have had interest. I wish you all the best.

Please pass this on.

It is done.

God Bless you all!



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10 Responses to “Blog to Stop”

  1. adam says:

    thank you for all the knowledge you have shared on this blog, i’m sure i’m not the only one who appreciates it.

  2. Ulrike says:

    Thank you so much for all the precious information and wisdom you have shared with us! You have been a constant source of inspiration to me. I do hope we will hear how you are doing every now and then!
    Best of Luck and God Bless

  3. redelk says:

    Thanks. HIS pleasure. Aho?
    Heather might let all know if shes the time.

    GB re

    (I have some volunteers helping me to rebuild the blog as we all have time) – Heather

  4. SG says:

    Thank you for all of your efforts Red Elk. You have pointed me in the right direction.

  5. Camy says:

    Aho grandfather Red Elk, my name is camy and I live north east of AZ from the bitter water clan, and born for Mexican clan. I just want to introduce myself to u and many thanks for all ur messages. I have dreams a I believe the time is now the stars are showing the ways of change, your voice has spoken to my heart and I pray to Papa each morning with offering of corn pollen for health, strength, wisdom, and most importantly all man kind to see the cries of mother earth and sometimes I feel alone… I hurts but I continue to pray for all even the animals, trees, rain clear skies. It’s near I feel it please response grandfather and help

  6. Linda & Dennis says:

    Red Elk, you have done so much to enlighten us and we thank you, your advice
    and comments will be missed, we will keep you in our hearts.
    God bless and keep you in His care, Love

  7. Anne says:

    I understand… the times are calling now, unmistakably, so I’m not surprised. Will miss the posts, but am eternally grateful for the massive amounts of information left here to enlighten and encourage. I’ll miss your humor & jokes, the chastisements (needed and we all know it) and the 100% honesty, love and heart with which it’s all delivered. Grandfather Red Elk you are definitely among the great spiritual souls in my book. Take care and come back for a visit if you can. Love, thanks, luck and all good things to you and your family.

  8. Roger David Cornejo says:

    Hello Red Elk

    Can you please do a blog on if Jesus really had Children? There now talk about a ancient papyrus saying Christ may have been married.

  9. Coleman says:

    I don’t know if you’ll do this by any chance at all since today is the 20’th, but i suggest a post that is for us all to pray for all humanity for us to repent seriously and fervently. If not, then whoever reads this comment please do this, and ask others to do the same somehow, for the sake that this disaster CAN still be avoided. For example I created a public event on my Facebook called “Pray Hard for Humanity and Truth!!” and invited everybody on my friends list to do so.
    Nevertheless thank you Red Elk, Whale Sister, Heather etc. for everything. I hope you got my donation.

  10. G says:

    Thank you Grandfather for sharing your wisdom and trying to teach us.