Knife Recommendation

Asked in an email to Red Elk:

What length knife recommend, longer than 4″ blade?

Red Elk’s Response:

Sis, most states (all?) have a LENGTH law…as well as a TYPE law.  ASK A POLICE OFFICER of Merrit.  Or search the internet on yours and STATES YOU MAY BE GOING TO.  This INCLUDES States you’ll need  to go THROUGH to get to your “goal” state.
Here, 9 inch blade is the limit…and no Switch blade types.
My preference WOULD be a FIGHTING BOWIE…14 in Blade Length…but…sigh
Why?   I can use it as both a knife AND HATCHET.
I will NEVER buy a HARD STEEL knife…(Gerbers / etc.) as they are WAY to hard to sharpen.  (I’ve several years as a slaughter house butcher….believe me, I KNOW).
I prefer a Medium Soft blade.  Holds a good edge and easy to sharpen.
I’ve skinned small AND LARGE Game with a simple stone “Finger Knife”.  This a sharp edge STONE CHIP.  Made “on the spot” by throwing a stone at / onto another, till a sharp Edge is had (watch your EYES!).   Both were only a mere 1 inch across.  No “Knapping” needed.
Ditto on a HAND HATCHET.  Big enough to grip well and cut smaller trees. 
(Adam made AND SUCCESSFULLY USED one about 3 weeks ago…at my “LEARN” insistence.  Added a strong limb to try it as well.  Tying the stone with Paracord to hold the stone.  Did an excellent job).
My favorite is a SHERBER (I think that’s the name).  It has the CUT SHAPE I prefer.  Blade is 3 1/2 or 4 inches. Got THREE just to HAVE. Got Sky one as well. (I CANT LOCATE ANY OF THEM RIGHT NOW!)  Next time I’m at Bi-Mart I’ll get another and let you know the style and name.
I’ve bought some as  gifts as well.
I do NOT care for ANY knife with a SERRATED EDGE.  NONE would have use to ME.  Give me FULL uninterrupted KNIFE EDGE.
I want a KNIFE…not a dang  SAW!   Aho?
While on the CUT subject, look  also at HATCHETS :
i am VERY FUSSY on Knives AND Hatchets.
ALL today’s “in store” Hatchets are TO LIGHT!   Might as well take a live Beaver!
Quieter AND Edible. ( :
I’ve bought MANY…(and I MEAN many) camper hatchets.  KEPT NOT A SINGLE ONE!
I’ve looked and looked for YEARS.  Reproduction Viking to other types outside the USA.  ALL KINDS!
Then, on yet another “look for”…THERE IT WAS!
Type in (search)  CANOE HATCHET.
                       CANOE HATCHET     Aho?
They run less then $50.00, shipped.
It’s big enough to cut a REAL tree if needed.  Small enough to gut a deer with.  ALL STEEL…The RIGHT “HIT” ANGLE on the blade (not a “nibble” but a CHUNK)   Aho?
Heavy, yes, but I WANT “heavy” to REALLY “Chop”.  Aho?).
You can HAVE the others…to me, AND THE HANDEL GRIP, for ME, THIS is IT!
Bought my eldest grandson one.  He showed his other grandfather (who spends WEEKS in the Alaskan bush every year and in ALL seasons.  HE BOUGHT ONE!  
Adam has one and buying ANOTHER.
2 friends have done the same after “hefting”.
Comes with a thick Leather Sheath that belt hangs.
Up to you.  Aho?
(I will add this to my blog.  Thanks for asking).  re


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2 Responses to “Knife Recommendation”

  1. Lanny Cotler says:

    Grandfather Red Elk,

    I have written a book called In the Beginning the Dance.

    I think you will like it.


  2. redelk says:

    Probaly would but no time to read. LOADED. re