OK, I’ve been sharing WEAR Run Kits.  WHY?
To SHOW others WHO ARE AS YET WELL ENTRENCHED in Connecting / Knowledge / Trusting.  MOST LACK THIS GREATLY.
To TELL, to SHOW…is to give each TIME ( I Hope) to do WITHOUT.  My “One more Day” thing.
Now , START LEARNING TO “GO” WithOUT ANY kit.!     That and That ALONE will see you through!      


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2 Responses to “Why am I sharing Run Kits?”

  1. Frances says:

    I have been intending to make a ‘run kit’ of sorts using a workman’s vest with lots of pockets.

    On the ‘to do’ list. I have two vests. One for me and one for a friend.

    My purse is always over stuffed and gets awkward & heavy to carry around after a while. So the more ‘camping’ style items can go into the vest. One compass stays in the purse, tho! 🙂

  2. redelk says:

    2 of my kits are similar…fishing vests. One for me…one for another.

    You say PURSE. Gal?

    Compass? So many have no idea of how to go without. Sigh

    but at least you are smart enough to GET a kit ready. “One Up” on MANY. GOOD!

    Make SURE you have a STOCKING CAP! ALWAYS! GB re