Would You?

Would YOU?

Bought two small BIG “pill containers” yesterday.  $2.99 each.  Filled one with VICS Vaporub.  The second with Gun Cleaning Patches.
#1 to dab onto patches AND Medicine use. (Fire Starter help and use with stopping colds).
I’ve quit a number of Fire Starters…not just the patches.  But this Kit Part packs the most in one SMALL spot.
Talked with Sky about him TOO starting such a Wear Kit.
Knife a ‘No No’ (school wouldn’t understand).
Will talk to Matt (eldest grandson) about this too.
Remember, there can be SEVERAL reasons to have with you.
Earth Quakes / Fire / Etc.
Won’t cost you an “arm and a leg” either.
I’d LOVE to see people walking around town(s) with such.
Not FEAR…but from SMART.
Perhaps  even YOU?  ??? 


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