My Wear Kit Medicines

My Wear Kit Medicines

Vics Vaporub
Allergy Pills
Bayer Aspirin
(Yes…very limited, but workable).



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  1. Beth says:

    All you need is the basics. Who wants to carry so much anyway. Travel light.

    God bless.

  2. Harry says:

    Many years ago you posted a small run kit. In only one paragraph you put a whole survival book’s worth of knowledge. I have read and re-read this post many times – too many to count. That was an awesome post! In case you lost it in your latest hd crash, I thought I’d give it back to you (via huntinghawk) and to the community as a whole.

    I asked this thread be put on. The reason being so few will pay attention to their Dreams/Visions/Gut feelings. MOST WILL BE WITH-OUT and go out unprepared. My brother was a Scout leader. He would brag he’d only carry a 78 Load. Back Pack for a 3 day outing. Mine on the other hand…for 5 days… weighed (and still weighs) LESS THEN 3! I can go out sushi if needed…and “make it”. Make as I needed. YOU probably don’t have THIS knowledge. Thus BE PREPARED! One of those tiny “fanny” (or side) belted packs should be all you need. THIS IS RAW SURVIVAL I am speaking of. “Grab and RUN” things ONLY. I want YOUR Input on this. I will share what I carry. AND this fanny pack is on-hand both in home and cars…..just in case. My pack: BOX knife (light weight, MANY blades)…Wire Hand Saw (buy in sporting area of stores). This is a WIRE saw that can be coiled. Takes next to no time…a GLASS magnifying glass (fire maker…better then flint. Not as easily lost and faster to make fire with)…SPORTS SOCKS…sometimes called WATER SOCKS (a type SHOE…CHEAP, LONG LASTING. EXTREMELY Light weight and can be twisted or folded into pack easily)…a 2 and a 1/2 square of plastic (to make a dew gathering Dessert type water collector)…Iodine (injuries/water purifier)…PEROXIDE (the weightiest of all in pack….good for gum disease/cuts/etc.)…GOOD Toe Nail Cutter…GOOD fingernail cutter… Aspirin…Honey (small squeezable bottle)…salt/pepper…Power Bars (a form of candy bar)…”Crush” hat…fine copper wire (on spool…good for snare making). 20 pound fishing line/hooks…OLD NYLON SOCKS (makes EXCELLENT Craw-Dad traps)…a Bible (small…you’ll want one in time). That’s it. AND MOST I can do without if needed. I would recommend a BOOK 4 all others to take; BUSHCRAFT by Richard Graves. I have nearly 4 TONS of books….nearly all on Spiritual and Survival things. THIS is the BEST of ALL those on survival. GET IT! I do NOT recommend BICYCLES. TO MUCH CAN GO WRONG WITH THEM. Too Many MOVING PARTS. In the trunk of our main car we have a Folding FOOT SCOOTER. THIS IS GOOD FOR FLAT SURFACE’S ONLY. Here at home I have the ULTIMATE foot scooter…a regular type. On it is a handlebar Pack. In it is a bottle of FIX-A-FLAT. I have been an advocate of these scooter since I was an under cook. Not as fast as a bike but FAR faster then walking. Unlike a bike it is easy to carry. Mine will be painted a FLAT cook. Better at not being spotted. YOU WILL NEED TO LEARN ALL THE STEALTH YOU CAN! Remember, as cilantro as YOU have….others will have NONE. YOU WILL BE HUNTED for the “things on your back”. REMEMBER THAT! Now a word of advice: START STUDYING ANCIENT WAYS. Go to your Library. Get books on Indians/Africans/Eskimos/Aubergines/Vikings…and early American White Man. GET THESE INTO YOUR HEAD! Check out to TRAPPING via SNARES/DeadFalls etc… LEARN NOW….for the Future. Ho

    Red Elk

  3. Living Documents says:

    Thank you for that! Wonderful! I can see why you had to read it so many times, no one edited it! So I just did to make it easier for you all to ready. Thanks again

  4. redelk says:

    Yep, mine alright. As you can tell, I’ve even MINIMIZED MORE…to a WEAR Kit. This PLUS MY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE…..allows this. With it WILL I KNOW HUNGER? Yep. Will (and have). I see that as FASTING though. Thus a good attitude. I’ll eat eventually. At least enough to forge on. Aho? AND WITH EVEN THIS “Walking Run Kit”…I NEED NOT A THING IN IT! Just makes running easier. Aho? re

  5. Harry says:

    For my wearable med’s, I carry a bottle of ibu pills and a squeeze tube of neosporin. I use tape and toilet paper for bandaids. Masking tape breathes well and is abrasion resistant so I can keep working without babying the finger too much. I keep tape wrapped on my metal cane, along w/a couple of other things. I can use clear packing tape to quick-fix my glasses. Duck tape is good but smelly firestarter, so I keep a variety of types of tapes and cordages on my walking stick, plus carabiners and keyrings that are held in place by the tape.

  6. Harry says:

    I’ll keep both versions, unedited and edited.

  7. redelk says:

    Quite an elaborate setup. A question though: whenever you go into a store to shop…or to work…or??? Do you ALWAYS have your kit with you?
    This is the type kit I’m referring to here…a WEAR type.

    I have a number of your items on OTHER Bug Out kits…at home / Pickup / and Car. IF I CAN MAKE IT BACK TO GET THEM.

    We’ve TWICE been evacuated due to forest fires. BOTH TIMES we were NOT at home. Both times we were NOT ALLOWED to go home and GET our kits.

    DID have Pickup kit only…(enough for 4).

    So I started thinking of the need for a WEAR one. Aho?

    Your kit is sensible and good…IF you can get TO it.

    When I now change cloths, the WEAR KIT goes from former to “new”.
    Around my neck part AND on belt part.


    My years of training AND TRUSTING “Dad” is my REAL kit.

    Thus need NOTHING BUT THAT to head out and do OK. Aho?

    Once I was WAY OUT in the woods and those who were to pick me up forgot to. This was a Work Job.
    Road too, rarely used. I waited and waited.
    Seeing they may have left without me, I started planing to stay all weekend right there. I had no Wear Kit or ANY kit…but I had KNOWLEDGE and I had TRUST IN “Pop”.
    Snow about 3 feet deep and more starting to fall. MILES from the nearest House.
    I was preparing when they showed up.

    Sure enough, they had forgotten. Was nearly home when they remembered and returned.

    I hadn’t panicked…it PLEASED ME to KNOW what I knew.

    Are you THAT prepared?

    GB re

  8. Harry says:

    That is a great telling. Thank you.

    Years ago on a night time radio show where the host impatiently interrupted you a lot, you said the main thing we had to do was, “Get right with God.” Every day since that night I have tried with varying degrees of success to do just that. Every day since that time those simple words have echoed in my ears. Doing so has repeatedly baffled and frustrated even my most “religious” friends, but when I have heard God and followed his word, things seems to always works out mostly in my favor, no matter what others try to do against me. Like you my P.S.K. (personal survival kit) is G.O.D.. I have a pocket kit, a neck kit, a wallet kit, a cane kit, and a few thing in my “manpurse”. I could, and have in the past, forgotten some or all of those thing. I God has never forgotten me.

    Long ago you told us to get right with God, and you were right. You said there would be a depression back when the economy was booming. You were right. You said the animals and plants were just different tribes of people. You were right. You said water socks were great. You were right.

    Thank you for your tellings shaman teacher.