Your Birth Area Holds The Key

Your birth area has your best healing medicine(s).

I cant explain this, I just find it to be true.

Plants, etc., of where you were born PROVIDES the BEST plants / etc., to heal / help.

Even more so if born and RAISED there. Baby to Young Age.

ALL plants are helpers…but not KNOWING which does what…Time to pick…How to prepare….Amount to help…ALL of these factor in.

The Traditional Medicine Person spends YEARS learning by ROTE! Teacher to student . MANY trips to find / check / prepare / use….in the RIGHT AMOUNT.

Again, done by ROTE teaching.

The Inner Heyoka’ are NOT Traditionalists. OUR learning was / is centered on CREATOR CONNECTION.

Via that, we ask “how”…He then TELLS and SHOWS how.

If in tradition…HE KNOWS ALL THESE WAYS. Tells US. Then shows us the TRADITIONAL “Way”.

Ways we were Never taught.




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