Know This

ALL:   KNOW this:   What I give on Bug Out / Etc. is SIMPLY A CRUTCH! 
It will ONLY put off (for a ‘day’ that most will NEVER do)…The ONLY thing that WILL CONSISTENTLY BE OF  A N Y  GOOD…is CONNECTION TO THE CREATOR…and THIS must ALWAYS BE TESTED (3 times).
Think: In the OT (Old Testament) a profit or More HAD NO BUG OUT GEAR…yet their CONNECTION was what got them THROUGH.  Ditto NA (Native American) people.  Mary and Joseph LEFT when TOLD…and THE baby was SAFE!  MANY in Old and New WHO WERE CONNECTED, were saved from BIG problems.
If YOU are a “Prepper” ONLY…then YOU Have PROBLEMS!
You are Warned  


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2 Responses to “Know This”

  1. offworldwarrior says:

    HI I just wanted to add to this post that the incident with Mary and Joseph leaving and fleeing Herod, NEVER HAPPENED! Most of the bible that speaks about Jesus’s life is false. Jesus was royalty, not poor born in a manger, Joseph was well to do and Jesus was born in a “hotel” of sorts, not a manger. He also did not die on the cross. If you are interested in learning the truth about Jesus read the book– The Mystical Life Of Jesus by Sylvia Brown, it is more than 95 percent accurate, any inaccuracies in the book are little things that have nothing to do with Jesus. he was the messiah but what we know about him is a HUGE lie, made up by Paul and others who didn’t even know Jesus. it is made up.

  2. offworldwarrior says:

    Let me add also that I am a medicine man of sorts though I am not Native, I have been a shaman/medicine man in MANY past lives. I was told this truth about Jesus almost 20 years ago, 10 years before the book I mention was written, by my higher spirit guides and great spirit. reading that book confirmed everything that I was told about Jesus. I can send you a copy of it if u are interested, it is completely freeing but as always pray to your higher guides and higher self to inquire about any all information given!