Home Among the Trees

Here’s a ‘goody’ that may interest a number :  type in (search)  WATERBOXX  (2 Xs).  Rather fascinating Grow Plants / TREES “way”.
Not only that, but Side Bar related info a WORTHY look too.
One on Homes from Living Trees.  Something I’ve done in the ’60s.  Still there as far as I know.  Made from growing bent willows.  Made it for Christy as her own ‘private cabin In The Woods’.
Even given thought to doing “ditto” on our safe land…using very tall White Birch trees in a grove there.

Anyway, check these places out if you’re interested.

Remember, Willows and willow-related trees (Birch being one) means : SURFACE WATER.




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2 Responses to “Home Among the Trees”

  1. Anne says:

    What happened to 2012 January through today 7/22/12?
    First the site redelkspeaks.org wouldn’t load, then the home page only and now this year is missing.
    Going on for at least a week now. Anyone there?

  2. Whale Sister says:

    The server hard drive that the site was on gave up the ghost, and Heather and Tenzing are working with the server owner to restore the site. I handed over a CD of the posts from the last year to them today (while visiting horsies! 😀 )

    Yeah, my hiatus wasn’t too long! XD I might have a handle on what’s really causing my illnesses, tho!