Up and Contemplating. Water, today.

Local laws are being introduced (some already being) on surface water.  INCLUDING the COLLECTION OF RAIN!

Water will be the “Gold” “Currency” in our near time.  Abuse it….”they’ll getcha.”

In my ‘calling’, I have  information of our government (USA / CANADA) ‘plans’.  NOT GOOD….(for Us).  Stinks to High Heaven, actually.

Oil be damned….WATER will be the BIG $$$ Controlling factor.  GUARANTEED.

Electricity be damned…..WATER WILL COST YOU AN ARM AND A LEG!

Without it, you WILL………..Die!

That’s the “Big Boys’” PLAN, TOO!

Want to “beat ‘em”?  NOT GOING TO BE EASY!

HAARP is part of this “future plan”.  WEATHER CONTROL.

What may have been for Country Dominances….DEEP DOWN, has ALWAYS been Not “beat the enemy,” but to CONTROL ALL MANKIND…..by ELIMINATING OUR    WATER    Useage.

Need water?  BUY IT!  Want a drink?  BUY IT!   Wash yourself?   BUY IT!

Shallow Well?  TAG IT and CONTROL IT….or make it UNLAWFUL.

Get caught?  Get ARRESTED ….(a “REBEL Against Humanity”).  SLAVE LABOR !

WATER…will be KING………..and Big Business’ BIG BUCKS Paycheck.

Not Oil.  Not Electricity.  WATER !

“Drain Plugs” ARE SET at certain lakes throughout N. America.  “Drain Pipes” ARE dug and BEING dug. GOING TO UNDERGROUND CAVERN “STORAGE TANKS”.  ENORMOUS CAVES….Natural caves deep below us.

Folks, I’m not SPECULATING. I’m telling FACTS.

HOW do we fight this?   WATCH YOUR WATER LAWS being planned.  FIGHT ‘EM!  NOW.  At the PLANTING of the “seed”.  ONE SEED WILL NOT A GARDEN GROW…..but SEVERAL, WILL !

All the “tiny seeds”, COLLECTIVELY, will SPROUT OUR FUTURE!

OK, You’ve been warned.   Red Elk



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