PRAYER BACKERS :  Remember, THIS SUNDAY.  Between 11:00 and 3 – 4 :00 AM/PM .  Pacific Time, USA.
THANKS.   re +


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18 Responses to “Reminder!”

  1. Anthony says:

    this brings me a questions you said there wont be anymore inner heyoka’s after you guys are gone so i was wondering who is gonna do things like what you 3 are doing on sunday after that???

  2. Whale Sister says:

    The SOCIETY will no longer exist. But the BACK BONE of it will go on forever…..THOSE who CONNECT!

    I don’t expect to die for quite awhile, personally. re

  3. Anthony says:

    ok so basically any medicine man that knows how right how do you know if you got the calling?? i mean i honestly would love to be a medicine man and a few strange things have happen to me including some strange dreams but i remember you said it has to be a calling???

  4. Whale Sister says:

    Called by two particular dreams at a certain age. re

  5. Anthony says:

    oh i had some particular dreams too i had one where god showed himself to me but then an angel quickly came and told me not to look directly in where god was or else i would die it was a super bright light and then there were two angels one at each side including the one that told me not to look directly so i got on my knees and prayed with my eyes closed giving thanks thats one dream i had the other was i dreamt of a HUUUGE black sun i dont remember that dream much just that it was odd and also one time god telling me that he had a plan for me and telling me not to worry cause everything will happen perfectly as in everything i will need will be provided for this and i have had a few other dreams like that and other things like that happening to me do they mean anything???

  6. Whale Sister says:

    Not THE dreams required as The Calling Dreams. re

  7. Anthony says:

    is there a way of knowing when you have the right dream cause i wont give up yet i guess i just have to prove myself more to the creator time to go into overdrive mode lol

  8. Whale Sister says:

    Your DESIRE is going to lead you down the wrong road. You want to be close to Creator…but in the way YOU want, not what He wants. You must surrender yourself to Him…and let HIM tell you what He wants you to do. If you keep seeking what isn’t yours to have, you will open the doors to the UN-Godly side.

  9. Anthony says:

    i see so basically the best thing to do is just go on naturally and get closer naturally what about you ws did you get the calling???

  10. Whale Sister says:

    Yes…..but it would take many many books, months and months of reading. NA “here and there” have, over time, told a TINY bit. Each thinking “just a TINY won’t hurt”. Add all those together and its ALL there.
    A TRADITIONAL Med. Person will NEVER tell the all. EVER! A SORCERER Med. Person MIGHT, for a HUGE FEE (thousands), BUT are THEY telling the TRUTH?
    I’ll say this, IF you are called into “Med.” CREATOR WILL MAKE IT KNOWN. Somehow.
    Not from me, tho, sorry.
    Ok, I wish you well. re

  11. Whale Sister says:

    Anthony: I’ve been into Medicine for many many years. In this, literally HUNDREDS have wanted me to train them “in Medicine”.. I’ve only had ONE….(a NA) who has had the proper calling. HUNDREDS telling me their dreams…only HE had THE Dreams. He stopped ‘wanting’ on the 3rd day with me. TOO FRIGHTENED to go on.
    Meanwhile, I’ve had a number of ALREADY Med. People come to me to learn “My” way. Purity. They use this now as well. This way IS WHAT I SHARE WITH ALL…OPENLY.
    Think on this. TRADITIONAL MED. PEOPLE coming to ME to learn PURITY.

    Purity is the BASE that TRADITION Came FROM!!!

    You, Anthony, are CHASING a GHOST!

    I’ve shared with EVERY ONE! And do so nearly EVERY DAY.


    Others have. INDIAN Others!


  12. Whale Sister says:

    Yes, because if you don’t go ‘naturally’ YOU’RE NOT LISTENING TO THE CREATOR. Go with HIS Flow, Not Yours.

    There are MANY MANY PATHS, and MANY MANY jobs to do. I can heal, and I’m heyoka (in the contrarian sense) in some ways, but I’m NOT a medicine person, nor am I a teacher. I’m a spiritual warrior if you need a classification, with a tendency to put a clawed boot up people’s asses if they’re not ‘getting it’. That’s my job.

  13. Anthony says:

    ok thank you granpa for the answers and yeah ill continue to surrender myself to the creator and yes i wont worry about it anymore and also does that means there are many other things to do besides being a medicine person???

  14. Whale Sister says:

    Lots of things. Learn PURITY and you ARE…to others, LIKE a Med. Man. Just NEVER EVER CLAIM TO BE. EGO if so. Aho? re

  15. Anthony says:

    ego yeah reading this and what you said in the other blog post i can see now i have to definitely work on getting rid of my ego more

  16. Whale Sister says:

    Ego a funny thing. When you get RID OF IT….THAT BRINGS the DEEP EGO OUT! FAR FAR WORSE then the ORIGINAL one! REMEMBER THAT! GB re

  17. Anthony says:

    wow i see good to know ill be more careful from now on