Ghost’s webpages and other important links can be found directly to the right of these blog posts.  If Red Elk mentions a link and it isn’t directly linked in the blog post, that’s usually because it’ s already in the column to the right.  I will also be adding more links as Red Elk requests, such as the survival guides link added last night, so I would suggest keeping an eye on it.

Also, emails to Heather and my addresses do not go to Red Elk directly – they go to us, then we forward them to him (same with Comments).  He gives us his answers and we send them back to the questioner or post them (if they’re comments or Red Elk wants them posted). All per his wishes.  However my address is also my personal email, so sometimes it’s been a little unclear whether the emailer is addressing me or Red Elk, and sometimes I’ve been addressed as a ‘brother’. 😉

Hope that clears up some of the confusion!



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5 Responses to “A Couple Notes From Your Friendly Neighborhood Admin Whale Sister”

  1. Teresa says:

    Hello. Two days ago I woke up through a dream of raw meat forming into a leg, forming into an elk. Backwards manifestation I guess. Then I heard a voice that said “Elk will help her see clearly.” I do my best to listen, so I diligently started checking out “elk” on line. Elk totem messages weren’t quite filling the gaps so within 10 minutes I was reading an interview of Red Elk with Rick Martin from 2002. All I can say is the necessary clarity came through and my small mind quieted down and my big heart got to open a little bigger. This note is a shout-out of great gratitude to Red Elk and his medicine. Thank you from Seattle.

  2. Whale Sister says:

    Its true, you only get so far with what other people have received from a totem animal. Even Red Elk will tell you to get your own answers instead of look at him as a guru.

    An experience like you describe is a VERY INDIVIDUALIZED one. Clearly Elk (not Red Elk) has come to you, so YOU need to do the work to interact with it. It’s not hard – sit comfortably, take several deep breaths and relax, close your eyes, visualize the elk you saw…and talk to it. Ask it questions about what it was trying to tell you, then wait for an answer.


  3. Whale Sister says:

    That Ol’ God always messing about.. Think He gets a kick outta it. Does this to many “searching”. Seattle is only 93 miles from me. re

  4. Al says:

    Thank you Sister for putting these up. I checked out the survival guide link,it’s very very extensive. Some of it is a bit complicated but i’m determined and the rest i’ll leave to Creator.

  5. Whale Sister says:

    You’re welcome. I agree it is a HUGE list…there’s a lot of survival information out there on the web, the internet is not just for geeks! 😀