SkyDome moving right along.  Nice enough to do the cementing needed today too.

Not alot of that needed. Just one little spot.

Then to level off his sleeping ledge better and cover the 2  4″ thick foam mattresses.

Gee it’s looking GREAT!

Adam (bless him Lord!) helped (as usual) this weekend.  Has electric tools I don’t and things go far faster…2 working and the drill, etc.

He lives in HIS dome when here.  HIS “cabin by the Freeway.”  ( :

I request that he takes pictures of this weekend’s “doings”.  He has and WS / H and perhaps Ghost will put ‘em on the 2 sites.  You’ll be able to see them there.  Probably by the end of this new week.

That bathroom “door” sure looks nice….with a “splash” of color hung on its outside center.  ORANGE!  (Don’t laugh…looks Darn GOOD!)

GB    re



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