Friend(s), I’d like all to understand I do NOT “fight against” the
Word Of God.  I FIGHT AGAINST ALL THE CHANGING Mankind has DONE to the PURITY of it!

CENTURIES of “add ons” / Changes / Dilutions.

I’d like…I WISH all church leaders would check on the Word with a CONCORDENCE…then be a WARROR to TRUTH.  UNAFRAID to stand up against the Many things you have been taught…and therefore teach.

“Check” me out.  SEE if I tell True…or Falsely.  PLEASE!

I tell you true…IT is TIME to STAND FOR HIM!  NOT your “schooling”…THEY HAVE FED YOU UNSEEN TRUTHS!  IE : LIES!

It is YOU who are the FLOCK TENDERS.  YOU who have the MOST RESPONSIBILITY…and YOU, who will “pay” more.

It is TIME!

Not “next year”….Not “eventually”….WE ARE IN NEED OF GODLY TEACHERS!

To you, the “flock”…..YOU DO THE SAME!  Then stand UP to the misleadings of today’s Christianity.  YOU HAVE RESPOSIBILITY to YOURSELF!

ALL:  CHECK  CHECK  CHECK!  And learn to have a Backbone!….. to STAND AGAINST the CENTURIES of CONTROLLERS!


It is TIME!




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