Just returned from a “goody” hunt.  Had received a donation today….FILLED my gas tank!  ( :  Got a magazine on primitive “How To”ing, morning “coffee” (Diet Pepsi) and some screws needed (to put the Rug Runner window on Skydome), then headed to Habitat For Humanity to see what they had.  WOW!  They had JUST Unloaded 3 HUGE ROLLS OF LANDSCAPE BURLAP!

EXACTLY the thing I had “tossed up” to “Pop” that “I’d like to get”….then left that “sit” till He provided.  TRUSTING HE HEARD and WOULD Provide.

Took some 3 months…and here it was!

These are NEW rolls.  At $200.00 A ROLL!

BUT, Habitat KNOWS what I’m doing (domes to teach homeless and future mankind).  GOT ALL THREE (3!) for $20.00 plus tax!  PTL!

Still have $$ in pocket…$7.45 !  Thus, still RICH!  PTL!

What do I want these rolls for?  To put on the domes…they’re made to lay on slops…dirt over, grass seed atop that.  As the grasses grow, these rot into the dirt / grass roots.  Left with a pretty ground “hill” …. a “pad” of GREENESS!  Aho?

And will seed the grass with WILD FLOWERS as well!  SHOULD LOOK NICE!

Now  to  get DIRT!   ( :

See what EXPECTING Prayer DOES???

No need to keep “tossing up”…HE HEARS YOU THE FIRST TIME!

Simply Thank Him, EXPECT…and “let it lie”.  He WILL Answer.  Aho?   CreatorGod Bless.   re



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