I have received an Email asking “can I “clack” 2 stones as my rattle?”

I really hesitate at telling this answer.  Being fully aware I’m dealing with people that will NOT use for Godliness…but WILL, for SORCERY.

Remember, the SELF “side”, as WELL as the G(o)d side, USE THE SAME KNOWLEDGE, to “do”.

I suppose I should “open” this “clapping” knowledge.  It will have to be UP TO YOU (and YOUR ETERNAL LIFE) to tell.


DO  N  O  T  DO THIS!!!

It is the DEAD (and therefore, OFTEN a DEMON) that the 2 stone “clacking” “calls” UP!

I will say no more on this subject, other then : “KNOW YOUR ENEMY!”

That does NOT mean “Try it and see if this works”….NOT in THIS CASE!!!!




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