More of TruthisSpirit’s Visit

There isn’t a Day 1 set of videos yet, but here is Day 3!

The rest are here.



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20 Responses to “More of TruthisSpirit’s Visit”

  1. Hello Mr. Elk, I hope all is well with you. My question is: have you successfully made your trip to the bird cave in the three sacred mountains, so you can blow that special whistle? Thanks so much, looking forward to see the grandest of all eagles fly our airs again.

    Peace and Blessings!!

  2. Whale SisterNo Gravatar says:

    A common NA “problem” has stopped (delayed?) this ‘doing’. TOO MANY Different NA ones want to be the “head” of this. Intertribal (chiefs…no nations) wanting to “be in control.” I just wish 2 -5 of their 3 sister Mtns (Cave of the Thunder Eagles) would just say …”lets do it…screw them” and get me there and get the job DONE. “Politics” be Damned! Aho?

    I’ve 2 others (other things) in the same situation. Until GUTSY NAs step up…NOTHING will EVER Happen! GERRRRR re

  3. really sad that there’s competition in the hierarchy of the native nation. Red Elk was called ( summoned ) so he should do it!!! Away with jealousy and self pride!!

  4. Whale SisterNo Gravatar says:

    Doesn’t matter a bit WHO does it. Matters ONLY that these things DO GET DONE! re

  5. Will it get done this year ? winters fast on michigan heals here and i’m sure even faster in british columbia. Have anyone performed the ceremony yet. perhaps you know Whale Sister.

    peace and blessings

  6. Whale SisterNo Gravatar says:

    No one has. No one will, ’til inter-tribal “politics” are settled… or STOPPED. re

  7. well….whats the political problem they’re having? peace and blessing to you and your family this holiday Whale Sister.

  8. Whale SisterNo Gravatar says:

    Could you be more clear on what you’re referring to, what was said in the video?

  9. inter tribal politics you mentioned, what needs to be settle?


  10. Whale SisterNo Gravatar says:

    In ALL NA today, there are 3 factors : Traditional, “Moderate”, “Whitenized”.

    The last 2 squabble more the #1. These 2 trying to fit NA / White (“fence straddlers”).

    The last is a Pushy Arrogant “White” type (IN GENERAL). Real “politicians”. (Get the idea?)

    GET RID OF #3 ….LEAVE #1 to live in peace and let #2 “do”…..and things will FINALLY work out.


    IE : PRIDE! Aho? re

  11. thanks whale sister, it all makes sense now. I just wish someone blows that whistle on sacred mountains, i nominate you

  12. Whale SisterNo Gravatar says:

    That was Red Elk, not me. I post comments for both of us, with the signoff being either his ‘re’ or mine depending on who’s comment it is.

    Are you assuming that sacred mountains are not sacred? Because you’d be wrong.

  13. i never said that, please read my statement above, there is no assuming or denial of the sacred moutains.

  14. Whale SisterNo Gravatar says:

    Then would you mind clarifying what you meant by ‘blow the whistle on sacred mountains’?

  15. Just repeating what Red Elk said in this recorded interview on george noory show. I believe the show is called: coast to coast. Mr. Red Elk said it was his [ CALLING ] to go climb the sacred mountain and blow this very special whistle, to call the thunderbirds back home to their ancient breeding grounds.

  16. Whale SisterNo Gravatar says:

    Oh THAT! I’m sorry I totally forgot about that! Yes, it was ‘Coast to Coast AM with George Noory’, but was a while ago.

  17. Hello Whale Sister, happy new years to you and your families, hope all is well, sorry its been so long since i’ve commented or asked questions, 2012 was a trying year for me health wise. But all is well now. So any news on Red Elks mission yet or is indian politics still playing over into 2013?

  18. That would be his blowing of the sacred whistle to call the thunderbirds home

  19. Yes that would be correct

  20. Please ignore january 29th statement, I have no idea where my mind was, sorry for the confusion.