Heaven is far FAR more then a city…..

Coolest is TRAVELING !  ALL ACROSS the ENDLESS EXPANSE of the NEVER ENDING “Creation.”  Saying it that way to help you understand its Never ENDING “Void”.  You want to go left, you EXPAND left AS you EXPAND FORWARD!  Literally EXPAND for perhaps a full MILLION MILES and NEVER AN END / SIDE / TOP / BOTTOM, etc.  You pass OVER Planet over Planet…LIGHT YEARS FROM EACH OTHER!  But NOT to YOU!  Mere MOMENTS apart.  Like you setting in the living room, get up and walk to the kitchen….mere FEET away….and FASTER!

NO END to the “Sight Seeing” of it….EVER!

Then, if you want, you go back  to the city….just a THOUGHT AWAY!

THINK where you want to go, and you GO!

Yup, cool place ,  Eternity.     re



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2 Responses to “Heaven is All Over Creation!”

  1. Anthony says:

    oh how do you travel there to go see is there a meditation or something that has to be done i would love to experience those sights then again who wouldnt hahaha

  2. Whale Sister says:

    I NEVER “go”…I’m ALWAYS TAKEN! Never know WHEN it will happen.
    Get in FULL TUNE with HIM…and He’d be able to do ditto with you…IF HE CHOOSES. re