For many years, off and on, I have seen a spirit being that just “pops up”.

This one is never seeked.  Just ‘happens’.

It’s a VERY OLD ‘being’.  Very VERY Old!  A ‘he’.  Looks like an ancient Asian type….might be a Tibetan.  He appears, always, at a cave, HIGH in the Mountains..  HE IS “THE TIME KEEPER”.

He has me go into the cave towards its back (the cave is shallow).

At its back wall is a very large old fashioned clock.  Round faced.  On this clock is EVENT ‘happenings’…..Past and Future (at the numerals beside them).

ALWAYS he shows me the ‘time’ that is OUR ‘BIG Event”.

Again, this has been going on for a number of years.  I have / was shown the 2 hands ‘reaching’ to OUR time.  Each time the hands get closer and closer to “THE HOUR”…HIGH NOON.

Over the years the 2 hands come closer and CLOSER to “12”!

Not now, tho.  THE “TIME” HAS “COME”!

WE ARE NOW ON “12” !!!!!

The GREAT ‘event”   IS ……….N  O  W !




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4 Responses to “Sharing on a ‘Seeing’ I’ve Only Told 2-3 About”

  1. Key says:

    ack when you mean now how soon now ack ive been wanting to meet you before any disaster happens ive been praying for it i have heard many things too i even heard people say that a big event might happen soon on nov 8-11 or something like that well honestly with everything ive learned i no longer fear death of this body so whatever happens happens and i do contribute a vast amount of what i have learned thanks to you granpa red elk

  2. Serge says:

    Red Elk, you say that we’ll have to dream up a new world after Armageddon. The planet it changing its vibrational level. Won’t we (our vibrational level) be up where the aether plane is now, so that would make it much easier to make stuff with thoughts?


  3. Whale Sister says:

    Death is easy….only HOW is worrisome. re

  4. Whale Sister says:

    YOU are the ONLY ONE in existence. Cant rely on other(s) to help make up a new place…only YOU can do so. Those others are Projections YOU project from deep within. In short: ALL around you are HOLOGRAMS. EVERYTHING but YOU AND THE CREATOR. Truly exist. re