Tho few of the readers here are Native Americans (“The First Nation Peoples”)…Many ARE, like myself….”breeds.”  Containing NA blood in their DNA.  Most but just a tiny amount.

I’ve found these are the main seekers of NA “ways.”

As told, I will not share anything “Medicine”.  Things only a Medicine Person needs to BE a Medicine Person.  Yet there ARE things many CAN be told (“safely”).  For instance, our (Inners) do do…as well as many NA of Spirituality,

I will share here:   MORNING PRAYER TIME.

We “Inners” recognize our Mother Earth has “over-seers”.  4.  The EAST / SOUTH / WEST / NORTH Spirits.  Those called by many: the “4 Direction Spirits”.  We “Inners” see (yes : SEE) these 4 as ANGELS.  Others in THEIR way.  Aho?

Early EVERY MORNING we make our way to the Pre-Sunrise (“Grandfather”) Pray Time….OUTSIDE.  Year Round.  Rarely is this time missed.

We begin our prayer time AS the TIP OF THE SUN   FIRST   appears on the horizon.

Prior to that, contemplating is done as we await.

As the sun rises we thank the 4 direction Spirits / Mother Earth AND the GREAT CREATOR (the “3 in one), for the new day.  Thanking all for their watching over us of earth.

This is NOT a “rote” prayer.  WE MEAN IT!  It’s a HEART prayer.  MEANT, and FROM, OUR “Heart.”  Aho?

You will understand as you begin this Day by Day greeting. DO SO YOUR WAY!

WHEN THE BOTTOM OF THE SUN TOUCHES THE HORIZON…the day begins….and your morning thanksgiving / greeting is over.

THIS PRAYERTIME IS REPEATED AT SUN DOWN.  When the BOTTOM touches the horizon ‘til the TIP disappears, we THANK ALL FOR THE DAY’S EVENTS.

This and more on these prayer times are told in my forthcoming book (out soon, I hope).  Why repeat myself.  Aho.

The results of these prayer times is that we are ALIGNING to our CONNECTION to “He” of ALL CREATION.  Starting our day IN THAT Atunement.  ENDING in ATUNEMENT.  Aho?

The book explains more.  WE START, AND END, OUR DAY, in “HIM”. Aho?

So, you who seek our “way”, this will get you started.  Meanwhile, understand, please, this is the INNER HEYOKA “way.”  Aho   re



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2 Responses to “More Inner Heyoka “Ways””

  1. Anthony says:

    haha i always wanted to know things like this i have some na in me although idk what lol is there a specific way to do it do the four directions angel have names??? i will do my best to do this i know the sunset part is easy the early morning part is the tough one LOL thanks for sharing granpa and looking foward to the book

  2. Whale Sister says:

    ‘LOL’ is just an acronym for ‘Laughing Out Loud.’