After school yesterday, and again after TAKING Sky TO School….he / I have been getting river rocks / etc.  Will do more then I already have, today.

His fireplace and some flooring filled now.  These “new” ones will be going on the bathroom wall.  Get THAT part done.

My 2 “talks” have both been canceled, so time to get alot done out there. Maybe even tarp the top.  THEN can do the 5 windows and call his dome pretty much done.

Kinda fun “getting” as I simply drive about.  No gas wasted…going from A to Z anyway.

This “thinking outside the box” sure a Gift!

We ALL will be needing this CHANGE OF THINKING Very SOON!  MIGHT EVEN BY NEXT MONTH (for alot of things).  (I sorta am expecting a BAD USA $$ Economy SUPER CRASH!)  ???

“Domes” be “damned”….more IMPORTANT things you need to “Out Side The Box” on….like ALL THE FOOD YOU WASTE!  Potato PEELS…washed before peeling and “eyes” cut out, make GREAT “Potato Chips.”

Asparagus HARD ENDS snapped off and tossed away are GREAT boiled and made into Asparagus SOUP.

These are but TWO of your WASTES!  THINK ABOUT THIS, Folks!

Even green Toss Offs make GREAT “Fodder” to raise IN-HOME Worms!  And THOSE, ground into hamburger…well, only YOU would “know”, if you keep your mouth shut.

(Don’t think you could do this?  Well, when the wallet is empty and you’ve others to feed…you WILL change your mind).   “Do things” like this or start looking at your PETS, as Edible.

It WILL Come to this!

“Ugh”, right?  YES…UGH!!!  But YOU will have something in your stomach, when others become sunken skin! ALL AROUND YOU!

If You’ve followed my advise, you have started studying Ancient Ways.  Building to Eating.  Wild Plants to ……etc…

If you HAVEN’T spent some time checking these things out….START RIGHT NOW.  And I mean NOW!

If I’m WRONG?  KNOWLEGE is ALWAYS WORTHY.  So WHAT if I’m mistaken!…YOU’LL BE SMARTER, at least!

YOU will not be like most of All on your block…who know ONLY “go to work…Buy at the store(s),  and  LIVE!”

This is all up to you, friends.

Yes, Right or Wrong…YOU’LL BE SMARTER.        re



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2 Responses to “Get Into the “No Waste” Mindset”

  1. Maya Lodico says:

    Red Elk, I love you.

  2. Whale Sister says:

    Hope that’s a GIRLS NAME! ( : re