Got some major work done inside Sky’s Dome  :  Cut smoke Exit hole above fireplace…..screwed on Horizontal Wall retainer pieces…did some “fancying” at that wall.  FLOWERS (fake).  That and too a bit o’ Moss across that wall.  Giving it a more appealing “look” for gals.  Otherwise a “man cave”.

The hole atop sure helps.   Only a chimny would eliminate all tho and I don’t feel “safe” with that so close to 3 covers / willow / pvc pipe.  Too much work to just watch the place burn down!  Aho?

Thus this WILL be a “Cold Abode”.  A different stove and chimney would stop that tho.  I won’t.  The idea is to SHOW the POSSIBILITIES one can do.

Meanwhile, sure looking nice inside.
Adam has taken pictures of this work of today.  Will try to get ’em on the blog ASAP.   re


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