A Seeker emailed:

Hello Heather (is that really him Cc’d on this message?),

I’ve been following Red Elk’s teachings since 2007, after I had ordered his material from the old website.  He gave me new incite (and answers) into a lot of things I had pondered and questioned for most of my life.

I don’t want to bore you; but back in 1998 (when I was about 19yrs old), I was struggling with what I had been taught via traditional Christianity.  I virtually grew up in the church and always wanted to be a good boy because “that’s what God wanted”.  I always tried my best and talked to him the best ways I knew how at those times.  I grew-up very quiet but very observant.  I always wanted to know how things worked.  So in observing people, overtime I realized that the majority (in my country at least), claimed the “National Religion” but did not truly believe in it. It was just something to put on applications they were filing-out, or a group to join for the “Sunday social event”.  I still believed at the time that there was something greater, but I was not sure if it was my “Christian God” anymore or if I was reading a broken translations or edited version of what used to be the truth.  It got to a point where my questions were getting way past the basics; and the answers I was getting (if any at all) just didn’t feel right.  But getting back to 1998.  One night I got pulled into another argument with my oldest sister (9 years my senior) over something really silly.  I was trying so hard at the time to be good in ignoring her along with a few other things had been wearing away at me.  All I could think of at the time was, “Why I am I even trying…why am I going through this…I’m trying so hard and I’m just getting stepped-on by life”.  So I went outside in the driveway to clear my head.  As much as I wanted to say there wasn’t a God and that it was a waste of time, I could not.  Like I said, I knew there was something greater based on past experiences, but didn’t know who I should be talking to…a God, gods, aliens, etc.  I didn’t know what I should be believing anymore.  So I looked at the sky and said “who ever you are, whatever you are, just let me know the truth.”

It wasn’t long after this night (I think literally a day or two later), I started to get bombarded with information.  Things were happening and coming at me from left and right.  So what happened for many years since, is that I’ve studied other beliefs, as well as some sciences that put many different pieces of the puzzle together for me.  I gradually found that there was soooo much more to what was happening around me than I thought.  And the more I learned the more questions I had.

This is where my big brother Red Elk came in!

The year 2006, was the toughest year I’ve had since I’d been on this earth.  I didn’t curse God or anything…I just waited and kept asking, “how much longer” or “help me to learn what I need to from this a quick as possible”.  Then I started to think that “God does nothing wrong…so what am I doing wrong to be getting all of this?”  So I got depressed at one point trying to figure this out…but it didn’t last too long.

I kept studying different things, but some of them had me at bay.  I don’t know if it was because of the remaining bits of my traditional teachings still hanging on…but I was afraid of being lied to and tricked by Lucifer into something that wasn’t of God.  But at the same time I knew that man was capable of so much more.  I really believed what Christ said in the Bible, but just didn’t know how he did these things that are recorded in it.  I didn’t want to learn the things that Christ did just because…I wanted to learn almost as an assurance that I was doing something right, or…that I was really on the right path to finding undeniable truth and connecting to the God of all gods in a real REAL way.  (I know now that both good and bad people have these same abilities).

I can’t remember how I first heard of Red Elk…it may have been a re-run of coast 2 coast back in 2007…(I’ve been searching for his material and interviews since then so everything’s a blur now!)  :)  But ever since he sent me my package and I first started to learn from him, I’ve approached my search for truth with a new perspective that wasn’t conflicting with my conscience.  I still have difficult decisions to make at times with new teachings I’ve come across…but back then, let’s just say I was at the edge of another level of truth, and big brother Red Elk gave me the BIG push I needed! 🙂

For me, it seems as if a type of fear is placed in areas of uncertainty, until a certainty can fill it.  My fear is not the traditional FEAR…but one of doing the wrong thing and REALLY displeasing The Creator, or allowing myself to be open to something that I should have no dealings with.  My dilemma sometimes is that I know that I’m still learning…so what I’m not so sure of at the moment, may be the exact step I need to take in order to grow more.  I dunno!

I could go on about the amount of info I got and how much it help me (I had so many questions answers).  I studied to the MO Teachings for months!  Even the books that were recommended on the site at the time, I had purchased and still have a few more to read.  My quest for truth has gone to a whole new level because of his obedience to Prime Creator.

I say all of this to say…I’ve been following Red Elk as much as I could for the past few years.  We have a saying here in The Bahamas, “my spirit took to him”, meaning there was a comfort, familiarity or resonance (or “good gut” feeling) with Red Elk.  The words, “don’t believe a word I say, but test” made me even more excited.  I heard him in some of his up and down times (e.g. interviews with Mary Sutherland).  Most of the time I would hear old shows, so I wouldn’t know what his current condition would be or which state he lived-in, but I’d wish I could help him in some way for what he’s helped me with…so the only thing I could do at those times (and others) is send a love and thank you prayer his way.  I still have his package to this day (envelope and all).  I know he had tons of mail to go through and when I see the effort he made to hand-write and mail my package to me…I can’t help but hold it in such high regard!  He didn’t have to send me anything…but he did.  It means more to me than he probably realized; or maybe he did…I don’t know! 🙂

So to answer your question directly Heather, I came across some information and didn’t know how to process it…so something well…Creator told me to do some searches for Red Elk again to see if anything else is out there.  I came across a youtube video, which led me to a talk radio show website, in which I searched Red Elk and found some new shows which you guys had done just a few weeks ago.  I was so excited that he was fine and still doing interviews!  When you guys mentioned www.RedElkSpeaks.com I went straight there to check it out.  After seeing the donation option on the right side I got to clickin! 🙂

I guess I wrote this “novel” because, if this is the only time I get an opportunity to let him know how his path has helped me to get to a higher level on mine, and how much I appreciate him and thank Creator for him, I wanted to take advantage of it!  I know Red Elk is human like the rest of us and therefore has tests in life.  If possible I want him to be encouraged in that there are different types of teachers placed here for different students.  You go through you experiences to be you in your own way.  Red Elk, if you weren’t exactly the way you are, I probably would not have connected with you in the way I did.  And who knows where I would be spiritually!  Creator would have found a way, but the point is you allowed him to use you and he used you well.  Fifty-Dollars is the very least I can do.  I wish I could send tobacco through Paypal too. 🙂

Heather, I know he is in very high demand and has a ton of people asking for his assistance…so Red Elk if you read this, you do not have to reply if you do not want to.  I just want you to know that I love you big bro and I thank you for all you do!  May Prime Creator continually bless you for your obedience in all you do, seen and unseen, known and unknown.  Whenever I have, I will give.
Creator Bless you both!

Red Elk responded:

‘Lil Brother….Its 1:31 AM….Heather / Tenzing and 4 others are now bedded down in the 3 mini domes for the night.  Will be here till Thursday morning.  I’m on this PC to get the OTHER side of this Mother Earth’s awake people (their Day) Emails caught up.  Yours in this as well.  Gotta “crash” real soon…and get up at 3:00 AM 4 my Talk Time with “Pops” (God, to you).  I’ll try to get some ZZZZs later today…IF I can.

This is the way my life is.  Aho?


Tho $$ are always needed (THANK YOU)…MORE so is HONEST PRAYER!  Thank You For THAT! PTL!

So “kid”, don’t “fret” the Small Stuff.  ALL is MEANT to be.  Even your past.

It’s what got you to where you are Now!  PRAISE “HIM” FOR EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT!  Aho?

OK, 18 others to answer.  Again,…THANK YOU…and KEEP LOOKING UP!   re



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