“Why You Need Social Media” – Bellingham – Posted by Heather Dalberg

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Unravel the mystery, address your fears and harness the power of the social media revolution!

It’s clear that social media is the future of communication in our world. It’s the embodiment of the spirit of our nation; free, innovative and evolving at the speed of light…

In this cutting edge interactive seminar, innovators and leaders in this fascinating new world will show you can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines.

Businesses, communities, people are changing.  Social media provides a way that we all can unite together in a win-win-win way – so the planet wins too!.

Using a new purpose driven social media site UnitingCreatives.com (launching from Bellingham, WA) community members will organize a project that matters to our community.  Using their resources and relationships together with other social media and technology tools, they will launch the project in real world time and you will get to see what can happen – from scratch – in under 8 hours!

Bring your laptop, your latest phone gadgets so you can participate.  You will see how you can save time, gather ideas and network at a whole new level that can make a real difference to our collective future!

Event Agenda – Bellingham

  • 8:30 – Registration (with nametags)
  • 9:00 – 12 PM – Project Discussion, Panels, Speakers
  • 12:00 – 1 PM – Box Lunch
  • 1 – 5 PM – Project Discussion, Panels, Speakers
  • 5-7 PM – Community Buffet Supper w/ Intentional Social Networking
  • 7-9 PM – Innovative Entrepreneurs Celebration with Shawn Gallaway Performing I Choose Love and more compassionate community and earth healing Songs

Saturday Oct. 23 – 9am to 9pm

Whatcom Community College – David Syre Auditorium

237 West Kellogg Road – Bellingham, WA 98226
(360) 383-3000

Pricing depends on your ability to pay:
$187 – Abundant
$127 – Stretched
$57 – Limited

Scholorship opportunities are available.  Please Contact Us to find out more.

Must register by Noon Oct. 20 to receive Lunch and Supper – otherwise you are on your own!

Bellingham Presenters

Joy Gilfilen

Founder of UnitingCreatives.com, Flipping the Joy Switch, an inspirational DVD about emotional resilience

Red Elk

Medicine Man -  Has RedElkSpeaks.com – a blog for spiritual teachings and will be presenting at the end of the event and sit on the panel to take questions from the audience.

Tenzing Kernan

TKWeb.com, website and games development; social media marketing company

Heather Dalberg

Social Media Maven at TKWeb.com, Creator of global impact blog – LivingDocuments.com

Shawn Gallaway

International artist-singer-songwriter, Gender Reconciliation Trainer founding the I Choose Love movement

Elfa Geisla

Founder of Conway Muse, Director/Producer/Actor/Writer who has done productions in Norway and US

Donna Davis

National and International Campaign Manager & Strategist. Currently working with Samba Kara, Candidate for Senegalese Presidency in W. Africa

Amanda Younger

ACN Training Center, International telecommunications and co-working space

James Bauckman

Founder of a Montessori School/Photographer. Producing Revolution Be Televised a web-tv series about social & environmental change

Jason Kloster

Founder of EducatingFutureLeaders.org. Outdoorsman and aircraft mechanic committed to empowering youth leadership

Becky Raney

Co-Founder of Print & Copy Factory. Printing company specializing in web design, and online marketing

Marcia Johnson

Founder of PeaceinOurLifetime.org. Hosts Inspired by YOU on Planting Seeds for Peace Radio

Daniel Kirkpatrick

Co-founder of Global Community Institute. Exec. Director of Explorations Academy specializing in experiential education.


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