A Lesson In How “L” Works

The brother I’ve had to “stop” Emailed again.  I read it.

He’s accusing me of thinking ONLY on MONEY.  Quoted “MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.”

LOOK AT THIS “QUOTE” Friends!  It is the WAY “L” WORKS!  Again, for you who read the Bible…look WELL at THIS QUOTE!

IS it BIBLICAL?  Is it an ACCURATE Quote?

Think on this before reading on.

NO, it is NOT!

WHY would I SAY THIS!??

BECAUSE he (“L”) LEFT OUT THE FULL QUOTE….by ONE WORD :  the LOVE of money is the root of all evil!   NOW do you see the difference?

I have NO LOVE for money.  DO have the NEED of it tho!

A HUGE Difference!

Otherwise : FREE…via WELFARE!

That’s just ANOTHER “way” of GETTING MONEY.

Often by those TOO LAZY to go out and WORK for it.

I know, not ALL do so in that way…so said “MOST”.  Aho?

Ok, you’re getting an idea of how DEVIOUS “L” IS.

I’d suggest you LEARN GOD’S WORD, WELL….or feel “UnGodly”.

I know I don’t feel that way.  I KNOW “L”S TRICKERY!  SO Did JESUS when “L” Tempted Him…by using SCRIPTURES!  And OUR Lord USED SCRIPTURES to DEFEAT HIM!

Better check on what you are being TOLD…or end up as THIS guy has gone.  Consider it, anyway.




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