A brother sent:

Good morning Red Elk
We too have had a great two days. Saturday We shared with several close friends & family about the path Dad  has put me on. Was able to help one deal with the up coming loss of a loved one in her life. She is mostly concerned about her 3 year old child & how she will handle not having grandpa around any longer. As the mom had a traumatic experience w/her uncles passing @ age 12 & feels her daughter is too young to understand. I explained to her that as we get older & loss our child like mind, we @ the same time loss touch with our spiritual self. & it is us adults who do not understand. The little  3 year old is more in touch with her spiritual side & the Spirit is giving her  peace that she will someday see her grandpa again. The mother, my friend, had a long pause & in her way said, “shutup”! You see teacher, we are all in touch with our Spirit, it just needs to be revived. & once We awaken the Spirit in others We must move quickly in order to keep riding the wave as it can pass us by.
Brother, just as you are honest & true with me, I want to be the same for you. With that said, I hope you take no offence to my words as I mean no disrespect. The Awakening is up on our people Now. I understand you must make it to & from your home & other places to do you meetings but to ask for more then needed to spread the word is greed or appears greedy to many. Now you have given me much advice on my issues as they appear immortal to you & many. Well my brother, I guess this is my stand with charging for teachings that Papa so willing gave you to share with others. Sure I understand that pride has its hold & the people are receiving teachings of a wise man that has great knowledge & this is worth something to them but did Papa tell you to charge money? & why, to support your organizction? Sure you are turning the moneys over to help teach & show how to build cheap shelters but what good are these structures if they can’t get out of town? Have you truly taught All that Papa has sent you? With love

Red Elk responded:

Have you ever held a job?
Of course you have.  Have you ever did that work 10 to 18 hours a day and often 7 days a week, all at your own expense (food / electric bills / garbage / gas / buying or maintaining your transportation / etc.?  Ever feed your wife and children on that withOUT a paycheck?  Over 10 full years now I’ve done alot of this with next to no $$.  I’ve put out hundreds of dollars answering mail alone.  A few THOUSAND of OUR IRS Tax return(s) on trips that where to be “paid”. We’ve lent well over $3,000.00 on loans that were / are not paid back.

Now:  these domes are here for people to SEE.  Aren’t in our small woods area, Hidden, UNABLE to be seen.  Unable to be Learned from.  EXPOSED…to TEACH.
Give HOPE.  A “place” nearly any can build…. for next to nothing.
Not only seen HERE but on a number of internet sights as well.  SEEN BY WORLD WIDE PEOPLE.
Not DRAWN pictures, but SEEABLE FACTS.
Its one thing to talk a good talk…quite another to WALK it as well. Christ’s way.  Aho?

You say “no disrespect”…but this SHOWS disrespect.  Not so much to Me…but to GOD’S WORD and His SON’S Teachings.

As I told you (and EVERYONE), what you learn / are told by me IS free.  LEARN FROM HIS WORD.  Doesn’t cost you a cent.

And, as told, “you pay me to DO your HOMEWORK.”

People are either too lazy or too much in a hurry or too dang POWER seeking.

I don’t know if you went to college, but you DID go to School.  The teachers they’re PAYED by taxes TO TEACH such as You.  Without them you’d still be struggling to add / subtract / read / etc.  CAN, for FREE if you’re good enough I suppose.  THANK GOD THO the PAID Government Leaders made SCHOOLING a “MUST” Law…..and THOSE officials PAID too.


NOW is the time of LEARNING this “Walk Way”…and ONLY a FEW will comprehend.  HE IS CALLING OUT    HIS    PEOPLE…right NOW!

And ONLY those who can COMPREHEND this / these for HIGHER Heaven Level….will BE HIS!  He is WEEDING OUT the CHAFF!   Right NOW!

You are new in all this.  So it’s understandable what you’ve written.   TOO NEW,    TO “Teach The Teacher”!

As you learn (by MUCH MORE Bible Reading) you’ll SEE :  “Do NOT Muzzle The Oxen”….and other things about HELPING THE TEACHERS ALONG THE “WAY”.

AFTER you read His Word…THEN let’s share things you think I’m doing wrong on. ‘TIL then, SHAME ON YOU, And:

“GET THEE BEHIND ME, Satan!”   Aho?   GB   re

PS- the writer of this Email came “back” 3 times.  He’s now “on his own ’til he grows.  Tho Scripture says “turn the other cheek…and 7 X 70….THAT is NOT THE BIBLE (on last) BUT THE CHURCH’S (Man’s) DOING!  TO CONTROL THEIR “subjects”.  GOD’S WAY says 3 TIMES…then, if no attention to the telling…HAVE NO MORE TO DO WITH ‘EM!  I gave him his 3.  Now between him and Dad.
The Emailer WILL grow up / wise! “L” FEARS HIM and is trying to impede his growth. THIS should help!  ( :    re



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5 Responses to “Don’t Try to Teach the Teacher ‘Til You Understand the Lessons”

  1. SergeH says:

    I looked up Seven up in my big Strong’s concordance, but I could not find anything about the 7 x 70 . .
    What am I doing wrong??


  2. Whale Sister says:

    Look under the verse with “forgive 70 times 70”. Might not be ‘FORGIVE’. re

  3. Whale Sister says:

    Its in the passage after Christ is asked by his apostles ‘How many times must we forgive our brother?’ (paraphrased). But I couldn’t tell you which Gospel. It may be its a reading journey you’re supposed to take. 😉

  4. SergeH says:

    the verse is Matthew 18:21-22 (thanks google)
    I understand now. my big concordance just has too many pages.
    oohhhhh the pain of a concordance, I’ll never figure it out

  5. Whale Sister says:

    Bet you did what I did – bought a concordance without checking to see if it matched your Bible version. 😉 My main Bible is NIV, but I bought the biggest most comprehensive concordance I could get…without noticing it was for the KJV Bible. So I have to cross reference with a KJV because the phrasing and words are often very different from NIV.