After some more DOING on Sky Dome I think my next DO project will be WATER CATCHMENT.  Rain and Snow….melted and run into domes.  Will be using big umbrellas  set on 5 gal. buckets and big stock tanks.  On the bigger, 2 – 3 SUN umbrellas.

All will be turned Upside down and set on the “tanks”.  A small hole (screwed)  at base of umbrellas to drain into the “keepers”.  We can take the 5 gal. buckets and use where wanted….the bigger will drain via hose(s) directly into the domes.  On / Off  “spigots” in dome(s).  The biggies will be GRAVITY fed.

Every thing needed are on hand.  Just waiting to be used.  MOST Given (Free).   re


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