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Hi Red Elk,

Thanks for the pictures, I tried mailing you at <address> but for some reason it was returned.  So I am delighted that you posted it at your blog.

I have a dome structure but haven’t figured out how to keep the wind from blowing the tarp cover off.  We tucked it at the bottom, and have PVC clips, but these haven’t held.

What are you using to afix your tarp?  It looks like you used PVC pipe and tree branches to build your dome.


On SkyDome that’s EXACTLY what I used.  We too have winds.  Rare to NOT here.  What we do is Oversize the tarp, trench, tarp overlap to IN trench, the gravel the trench….then EARTH BERM up the sides a bit.  Overlap a GOOD 2 feet on ground.  Often 3 feet.

If yours is to be an Up and Down one (taken apart….We’ve overlapped by about 5 ft. and weighed with SAND BAGS…end to end.  These types have stood up to an 82 mph wind.  If REALLY worried…sand bag (wind side) with 2 …NXT to (not on top of) the first “set”.

I’ve used small BOULDERS and find these are not CLOSE ENOUGH together.  Winds get UNDER tarp “here and there”…then “Blow OUT” the OTHER end!  NO PROBLEM with sand bags.  Think these are 40 lb. bags.

I find a LOW “Cockroach” dome is an EXCELLENT dome shape…LOW and LONG.  Winds FLOW OVER this shape…”Regular” domes CATCH TOO MUCH WIND. (Go study a stream…SEE WHAT PEBBLES / STONES are GENTLY rolled over versus the more UPRIGHT cause “Eddies”….WATER is a GOOD “seeing” …WIND IS LIKE WATER)!

Yes, LOTS of “wasted” space towards the inside edges.  BUT WE UTILIZE THIS with STORAGE there. NO wasted space then.  We use PLASTIC CONTAINERS there.  BEDs are next to those.  LOW beds.  Aho?

Our 30 footer now has a GIANT tarp.  60×100 ft.  Will overlap the main dome / bathroom connection AND the Kitchen extension…ALL IN ONE PIECE…WITH overlap!  Paid $479.00 for it and its FAR better a tarp then those most buy at stores.  All WHITE.  Now waiting (saving) for COMMERCIAL GRADE 7 in. WHITE-SIDED Insulation.  $1400 (shipped).  This to be our HOME.  This structure to be lived in like any home.  ALL YEAR USE.  Snows there are 12 to 14 ft per winter.  5 ft in “bad” years.

The 3 mini domes here have had no problems in 4 1/2 snows.  SNOW IS GREAT INSULATION!

I hope this info helps.  CreatorGod bless.   re



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  1. jamie pierce says:

    Hello Redelk

    Would it be possible to describe the type of structure you are building on your safe land?

    I am interested in making a dome for my family to use as a permanent place to live, but we are limited by money and what we can do on our land (we rent it). I was thinking about combining a dome structure with a part dug out shelter so that we reduced the visibility on the landscape. I have many concerns over doing this, I don’t have much building experience and I have to weigh that with the concerns of the wife who doesn’t like the idea of living in a tent!