ALOT of Doing on Sky’s dome today.  MAJOR THINGS!  The FLOOR!   Trenched alongside wall inside (already done so outside).  Double Protection !  Then Tom (“Weeds”) and I pulled in a HUGE used Hay Tarp and, in ONE FELL “SWOOP”, covered ALL the floor.  Bathroom included.  All in one piece.  THIS TOOK HOURS!  Once in, we started putting gravel over it all.  The tarp is the Water Vapor (ground) stopper AND DIRT COVER.  The Gravel the Walk On FLOOR.  (In time, if $$, will carpet that all.  ‘Til then…Works.  Aho?)

I DO have a SECTION of BEAUTIFUL Deep Nap carpet.  Only covers a very small space tho.  Got IT down / on too.  Another Indoor-Outdoor carpet now covers the Bathroom now as well.  Gravel below that, tarp below THAT.  Bathroom now “done”…(will add stone on walls when time).

After all this we returned the furniture and placed again.

THIS PLACE LOOKS FANTASTIC!   AND just BARE ESSENTIALS inside.  FANCYING UP will take time, so I don’t consider it done yet.

Still have to put the final tarp cover on (it blew off).  Then cut the windows, a Smoke Hole at top and put windows in and smoke hole cover after all that.


Adam intends to fix his chimney this weekend…..completing THAT dome.  So, 2 outta 3 “ready to go.”

“Weeds” has been a FANTASTIC HELPER.  Help?  No…HE DOES it ALL, as I basically sit and tell.

He’ll sure know how to do a dome (my way).  And INTENDS TOO.  HIS “cabin in the woods.”  Will be a “piece of cake” for him now.

Again, STILL at $350.00 for ALL this.

Beat THAT!  (   :      re



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