One visitor today did a SUCCESSFUL “Tree Trip”…then went out and Spoke WITH a Rose Bush AND a TREE!   “Blew her away”.   re
And then a brother wrote:

Hellow Red Elk
I just had the fig tree (apricauht) speak to me. It told me the why it did not bare fruit this year was cuz I was not thankful for the fruit. You see teacher, I cursed the tree last  year as it was dropping  un-picked fruit on the patio & grass making a mess & damaging the grass. I even went as far as cutting off a branch that over hung the patio. & this branch was as big as the main trunk. I also told it that it was lucky I needed the shade or I would cut the entire tree down. So, the tree told me this is why it did not bare fruit, not cuz tithe frost we experienced last spring. I asked the tree to forgive me & to bare fruit next year & I will harvest.

I now relate this message to my walk. I see that I too am upset @ the loved ones who take, take, take with no regards to how I feel. & so i let my LIGHT go dime & turned a cold heart to them. But Dad has taken this coldness & turned it in to a burning to tell them that the fruit I bare is LOVE. The LOVE of the Creator & He is calling. Step away from this faults reality & walk in the LIGHT. We are in the 11th hour & Dad is CALLING.




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