An email from another seeker:

Wow teacher! A few words of encouragement. Your words this wknd, did not fall on deaf ears.
I returned to my readings of the Bible & have covered the first 20 versus of Matthew. All these years spinning  my wheel searching for the truth & it is right there the entire time. I would  never have comprehended it w/my old eyes. I read now with open eyes & would. I receive confirmation from you what i know to be true, now i am receiving confirmation on teachings that my eyes were closed to b4. Have patients w/me as our Lord is moving in me. I want to confess to man, you, that i have asked Dad to possess me & have  put my Spirit in control. I have faith that once I get rid of the only thing I have to make money. & binding me to this society by way of donation to a needy family so they can profit from it, then Dad will provide for our children. No doubt in my mind, He has given me peace over it, Aho?
There is an awearness  amongest our poples on the horizon Grandfather. Can you hear the whells taking grip? Matthew 16:1-4, as seen by my eyes, tells me that the Profit Jonah has given the sign. & I received as I am of a wicked & aduterous generation. I also see it as a comformation of my dream or vision. Please pray on these words & give any guidance that you’re wisdom can bring.
I also found confirmation that Dad gave us a Spirit, just as you said. I am taking steps to move beyond this faults reality & looking forward to bearing my own cross. No way can it be harder then this path of destruction. So, I will share my new found insight with my family as Dad told to start with them. Please keep us in your prays that Dad will continue to humble my heart and guid me through our journey with His message, Aho.
One Love, One Creator

Aho. Still will TRIPLE CHECK you tho…before opening up more with / to you. Then…to One-on-One Telepathy “doing”…IF you “pass”.  Aho?
I will ask “WS” to add this Email to my blog…name and E address will NOT be on it.
Others are now “opening” too.  I’ve seen a RUSHING WIND of this in LESS THEN 3 1/2 WEEKS! Like a “CALLING” to UNITE with “Him”….an URGENCY to it.
Scripture says “HE KNOWS WHO HE HAS CALLED”…..tho ALL are, FEW are!  Aho?

Hope to see you again, soon (Creator willing).  KEEP MOVING ON…and thus “UP-WARD”.  Aho?   re



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