I Apologize

A brother commented:

Getting weary of these members of the “ding-a-ling nation” they say “you let me down!” not realising it’s their EGO that’s blinding them! NO thughtfulness/consideration of others, all about ME i.e. them! this one no “saint” here, either, tho brother they are wearing me out!! getting tired and “done” with the footrace, these twits make the going one heck of a wicked obstacle course, aho?

Red Elk replied:

Just last night…and so far, ALL this day…I’ve been taking a Self-Look at myself.  I AM NOT,  at ALL, pleased with what “I” have become.  I “tried” “trialed” myself.
….      and, well   don’t “like” me anymore.          The best   thing I can do is    Stop     JUST PLAIN STOP!      Go Back     to the    before    of the Coast to Coast  time.

I tell :
“I am NOT GOD!”  Yet find I am ACTING like I AM!   I’ve become Cynical….Angry… a FULL BLOWN GROUCH!          VERY Un-GODLY!

That ends up to One Word : “HEADY” !


Tho I have many Reasons….it’s still not Right.

Wish others…GROWERS, would take over.

WHERE ARE THEY !  ????????????????

I will ask  WS to put this on the front of blog.  Share thus, with All.

ALL : I  APOLOGIZE !      re


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10 Responses to “I Apologize”

  1. Bryant says:

    In this day and age it’s hard not to be upset, and angry (but not angry to the point lucy could use it). To emailer: If those people bother you so much pray for them to wake up! Maybe they’re so eager to help that they hadn’t realized what they’ve done. I don’t know. And I don’t mean to be preachy, for I have my own troubles, haha. Take care bro!

  2. Whale Sister says:

    “B” I’m as hard on myself as I am on all. No Excuses. re

  3. Al says:

    I’ve one person that’s reentered my life and just thinking about them drains me and ticks me of to the point i can’t function(and this is only 1 person)…yup this person is a taking aficionado(at least from my perspective).
    You on the other hand have God knows how many ppl emailing daily trying to get something and i’m sure most don’t give anything in return. I think once in a while it’s good to open a can of wup ass if they don’t get this point, otherwise they will NEVER change.
    I guess at the end of the day only you know if you’ve been too anything but to me you seem Christlike. Even with the occasional ass kicking ( :

  4. Bill Smith says:

    i struggle to find HIS love in the “good fight” at the hands of hIM; dang hE’S GOOD!! Long as Dad opens the door for hIM, i know i need to be “cooked in the crucible”, if u know what i mean. hate it though, HATE IT!

  5. Whale Sister says:

    Thanks Al…thing is I have been becoming HEADY. Its NOT MY “WAY” and I DON’T LIKE THIS! Aho? re

  6. Whale Sister says:

    Ahhh, you’ll live. ( : re

  7. Bryant says:

    Sorry for my previous post I misunderstood. I have taken the teachings you’ve taught and have told others I know. But it’s gone before swine. I’d go crazy if I got as much mail, etc like you have. So on that regard and MANY others you’re VERY Christlike to me.

  8. Bill Smith says:

    a head of grain in a sea of chaff; cannot be easy to smile at your brothers and feel blessed without being tempted to become frustrated, angry, ‘heady’. i’ve wondered if there is anyONE out there besides all i see as far as the eye can see… where are they??
    reminds me of that said from Revelation of those persecuted for their beliefs “and they did not love their lives until the end” don’t want you to end up like some of your I.H. bretheren, as you once put it “tripped up, trampled upon and rendered useless”

  9. Whale Sister says:

    Easy to be when IN HIM….but so too was Paul…who “blew it” as he went along. Got DANG “HEADY”. (Good Lesson to those who understand). BTW…he was NOT, nor EVER WAS : an APOSTLE. He was a CONVERT!
    See how much “trash” you get in church learning? re

  10. Whale Sister says:

    Thanks Bill. I just have to be VERY CAREFUL…and not “push” my “authority” (like Paul DID). WANT to continue, but NOT as some “GOD” Like PERSON. Aho?

    Yes, some ARE “out there”…I’ve 5 I KNOW who are. FAST LEARNERS. Like DRY SPONGES just SOAKING IT UP! 5…sure not many considering the THOUSANDS who SAY they are…and AREN’T! sigh re